Watch Teslacam Dashcam Seize Tesla Mannequin three Accident: Video

Teslacam as soon as once more proves how helpful it's. This time the Teslacam digicam assists in catching a driver that backed right into a Tesla Mannequin three. Extra Teslacam To The Rescue Tesla Dashcam "TeslaCam" Captures Occasion That Led To Brutal Beating: Video Teslacam Dashcam Captures Tesla Mannequin three Barely Avoiding Crash Mad Max Motorbike Highway Rage Captured On TeslaCam Fortunately, the harm was minor as was the crash (bump), however the built-in dashcam digicam proves who's at fault. And it’s that sort of usefulness that makes a regular dashcam such a wonderful device. On this scenario, the at-fault driver can’t declare to be in any other case, because the video clearly proves which of the 2 drivers precipitated the crash. In additional excessive conditions, we’ve seen Teslcam catch main wrecks and even some critical highway rage, however this video is kind of the on a regular basis degree of usefulness you’d count on from Teslacam and its accompanying Sentry Mode. Video description: Caught this accident of somebody hitting my Tesla Mannequin three on the built-in dashcam; to not be confused with Sentry Mode. The dashcam data by means of the identical cameras as Sentry Mode however does so whereas driving the automotive.