Volvo Testing Flybrid KERS Technology In UK: Boosts Performance While Reducing Fuel Consumption

Volvo Car Group has been the leader when it comes to adopting new, environmentally friendly and safety technologies. For years now, no other car manufacturer has been as proactive as Volvo is and this is the reason why it is considered one of the best brands despite selling less vehicles per year compared to other global carmakers.

As per the latest report, Volvo Group and Flybrid Automotive have joined hands to come up with better passenger cars. These companies are testing lightweight Flybrid flywheel KERS technology for passenger cars in the UK that offers boosted performance while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Volvo has started the tests on normal city roads and test tracks located in the UK and Sweden, and is going to collect real world driving data from these test runs. Going by the recent results, the flywheel-based hybrid technology has delivered a performance boost of 80 hp while cutting down fuel consumption by up to 25 percent. Being a part of Volvo’s Drive-E Powertrain research and development program, the research has delivered astonishing results in regard to efficiency and feasibility.

Volvo Car Group Flybrid flywheel KERS technology (4)

The testing is conducted on a front-wheel drive Volvo S60 powered by a 5-cylinder 245 hp, T5 petrol engine that equips the Flybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System on the rear axle. The system uses the kinetic energy generated under braking to spin a 6 kg carbon fiber flywheel. Once the vehicle starts moving again, this stored energy is transmitted to the rear wheels with the help of a special transmission system. This either results in a boost in performance or reduced engine load which further accounts for reduced emissions.

The energy stored is enough to power the vehicle for short periods and hence hugely improves the overall fuel consumption. Interestingly, the technology is more effective when driving in urban traffic situations and also offers rapid acceleration times.

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