Volvo Concept Estate To Be Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Volvo has set the state for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show where it is going to unveil its latest concept car, the Volvo Concept Estate. Lately, Volvo has been very keen on showcasing their advancements in the design area and the outcome of their hard work is a couple of concepts including the Volvo Concept Coupe, Volvo Concept XC Coupe and the all new Volvo Concept Estate.

This is the first time when Volvo showcases how the interior of their future models will look like. In short, the design is simple and extremely elegant, and instead of using a bunch of buttons on the central console Volvo has replaced all that with a large tablet-like touch screen panel. The touch screen will not be just an aesthetic element but will display the information related to all the in-car technologies.

While majority of the buttons will be replaced by the touch screen, buttons for window heaters, play/pause, hazard warning, and volume will still be present. The innovative central panel also integrates seamlessly with the instrument panel situated behind the steering wheel.

Volvo Concept Estate

Volvo has been sincerely encouraged for their previous concepts: the Concept Coupe won the ‘Car of the Show’ title given by a popular German auto magazine and the Concept XC Coupe bagged the ‘Eyes ON Design’ award recently in Detroit, and these prestigious titles have encouraged Volvo to great levels.

As we mentioned above, these concepts will actually form the face of most of the upcoming Volvo models. Later this year, Volvo is due to unveil the next generation all-new Volvo XC90, and this SUV is expected to take plenty of inspiration from these concept models.

Some of the highlights of the Volvo Concept Estate include a floating grille, new bonnet typography, new headlight design with T-shaped daytime running lights, new taillight design, 21-inch alloy wheels, low bonnet and more.

Volvo Concept Estate Image Gallery