Volkswagen XL1 Nominated For Designs Of The Year Award 2014

In the recent years a number of designs have been created by some of the leading car manufacturers and one of them is the XL1 from Volkswagen. The Volkswagen XL1 is world’s most fuel efficient car thanks to its unbeatable technology and brilliantly sleek design. Now, the latest and certainly a good news is that the world’s most fuel efficient car has been nominated for the Designs of the Year award and will be on display at London’s Design Museum until August 25.

This is the seventh year for the Designs of the Year award that honors the very best in global Fashion, Architecture, Graphic, Furniture, Transport and Product design. Andrew Nahum, one of the known author and automotive design and technology expert, nominated the XL1 for the exhibition in the Transport category.

Talking about the XL1 now, the idea behind it was to produce a ‘one liter’ car. Here, a liter did not mean a liter-class vehicle but a car that runs 100 km on a liter of fuel or 282 miles to a gallon. The outcome of the months of hard work was the XL1, a car that consumes just 0.9 liters of fuel to go 100 km, returning 313 miles to a gallon and emitting as low as 21 g/km of carbon dioxide.

Volkswagen XL1 (13)

To achieve such astonishing levels of performance, a lot of effort went into optimizing the aerodynamics of the car. Volkswagen used a tear drop shape and replacing the wing mirrors with small e-Mirror cameras. The design of the XL1 is so well optimized that it has a drag coefficient of 0.189 which helps the car maintain 100 km/h using just 8.4 PS.

Powering the vehicle is a combination of motors – an electric and an internal combustion engine. The majority amount of power is provided by a 2-cylinder, 800 cc diesel engine that produces 48 PS while an additional 27 PS comes from an electric motor.

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