Volkswagen officially reveals new Golf 4MOTION with All-Wheel Drive

Volkswagen has just revealed the 4MOTION refined All-Wheel drive technology in the new Volkswagen Golf range, making the Golf range to have more power and enhanced driving dynamics for all condition and situation. The All-Wheel Drive technology is a permanent Four-Wheel Drive feature, with refined 5th-generation Haldex coupling, which makes the new Golf 4MOTION to have more power in extreme condition like gravel, dirt or snow road regions and on the other hand, makes it more fuel efficient as compared to the normal Golf model and with more driving dynamics to give safe and comfortable drive with the smart technology of 4MOTION drive which is 1.4 kg lighter than the previous system, very fast with precise response and needs no pressure accumulator.

Engine & Performance :  For Europe specific models of new Golf 4MOTION, there are 3 range of specification – the Trendline Varinat, the Comfortline Variant , the  Highline Variant, which are equipped with 2 turbo-diesel Engines to provide more fuel economy and maximizing the torque capacity of new Golf. In the engine configuration, it is assembled with common rail 4-cylinder engines which are capable of producing a power range from 105 PS[103.6 hp or 77 kilo-Watts] to 150 PS[148 hp or 110 kilo-Watts], while giving a fuel economy of 22.22[4.5 1/100] km/liter and 21.27[4.7 1/100] km/liter respectively and as compared to the previous model of Golf 4MOTION in Golf which generates 140 PS[138 hp or 103], the new Golf 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive is producing 10 PS[10 hp] more power with 15%[0.8 liter] less fuel consumption of diesel.

Enhanced Technologies as Standard feature :  As far as technology is concerned, the new Golf 4MOTION is equipped with more advanced technologies which are :

  • Driving comfort with  Electronic Stabilisation Programme.
  • Permanent Four-Wheel Drive with refined 5th-generation Haldex coupling.
  • Safety Technology with  Automatic Post-Collision Braking System.
  • Technology with XDS front and rear axle transverse lock.
  • Interior technology feature like a multi-function display as an integrated computer, a touchscreen TFT display, electric windows front and back  and air conditioning.
  • Safety features with seven airbags.
  • Advanced Technology of a Stop/Start system and battery regeneration.
  • Stylish headlights with daytime running lights.
  • Power and efficient technology for all models the 4-wheel Electronic Differential Locks[EDL] on both axles.
Volkswagen New Golf 4MOTION All Wheel Drive Photo 01
In Germany, the premium amount for the Golf 4MOTION 4-Wheel Drive  is  €1,800.
The normal Golf range models have front-wheel drive technology which Volkswagen launched in the end of year 2012.  The Golf actually had a four-wheel drive background from the year 1986 so its a regeneration form of new Golf to have the 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive capability to attract the market for a unique segment by the scale of 4-Wheel Drive power and efficiency.
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Photo Gallery of  Volkswagen new Golf 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive
Auto Press Release 2013

In Brief: The new Golf 4MOTION – The launch of one of the world’s most fuel-efficient 4WD cars

The Golf 4MOTION impresses with low consumption of less than five litres

Permanent 4-wheel drive with fifth generation Haldex coupling

Wolfsburg / Kitzbühel, 28 January 2013 – Volkswagen is expanding the new Golf range: following the models with front-wheel drive launched at the end of 2012, the versions with 4MOTION all-wheel drive are now being unveiled. Volkswagen is thus continuing the long tradition of four-wheel drive Golf models – the first Golf with four driven wheels made its debut back in 1986. The new Golf’s permanent four-wheel drive system is one of the most modern and efficient of its kind in the world. In this latest version of the Golf 4MOTION Volkswagen is using a four-wheel drive system with an enhanced, fifth-generation Haldex coupling. The intelligently controlled 4MOTION drive weighs 1.4 kilograms less than the previous system, requires no pressure accumulator and reacts extremely quickly to every conceivable influence exerted on it. The result is greater active safety and improved handling.

15 per cent lower fuel consumption. Volkswagen is offering the new Golf 4MOTION in Europe in three levels of specification (Trendline, Comfortline, Highline) and with two turbo diesel engines that provide both high torque and great fuel efficiency. The common rail four-cylinder engines deliver 77 kW / 105 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS and consume just 4.5 / 4.7 litres of fuel respectively per 100 kilometres. Just how efficiently the four-wheel drive Golf works is shown by a fuel consumption comparison between the 103 kW / 140 PS version of the old Golf 4MOTION and the new 150 PS model: despite being 10 PS more powerful, the 2013 Golf 4MOTION consumes 0.8 litres (15 per cent) less diesel.

High tech as standard. Like the front-wheel drive versions the new 4MOTION models are equipped as standard with a Stop/Start system and battery regeneration. Also included as standard even on the base version (Trendline) are features such as the four-wheel EDS (electronic differential locks on both axles), the XDS front and rear axle transverse lock, the electronic stabilisation programme, an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, seven airbags, daytime running lights, air conditioning, electric windows front and back, a multi-function display (on-board computer) and a TFT display with touchscreen operation. The premium payable for the permanent four-wheel drive system on the Golf 4MOTION – sold fundamentally as a four-door vehicle – is €1,800 in Germany.


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