Volkswagen Golf R 2012

Volkswagen Golf R 2.0L Turbocharged engine generates 256 horsepower unleashing a torque of 243 lbs/ft which can accelerate the car from 0-60 miles per hour in only 5.6 seconds.


Golf R has a 4 motion all wheel drive system for unleashing the more torque and has a synchronization sense between tyres to automatically divide powers between tyres accurately, that helps the cars to drive it comfortably in any surface.

As the company itself informed that Golf R has a sport suspension and on experts review, it falls short on this respect as a luxury car but on electronically adjustable shockers, one can switch to comfort mode.


Finding things in a travel is more easy with Volkswagen Golf R RNS 315 color touch-screen GPS Navigation System is very nice while exploring unknown place in your travel and enjoying more music
through Satellite Radio Station.Handling phone calls, listening stream music while driving are comes with the All New Technology of Bluetooth enabled Device.
The Audio premium 8 Sound System with the touch-screen panel is capable of delivering you good music quality and Radio Station(HD) with full sound adjustments.
Equipped with the luxury of 8 top-end speakers and 300 watts premium Dynaudio Sound System makes your journey more lighter & enjoyable.
You can easily connect the iPod to enjoy the digital music directly to your ears.


Volkswagen Golf R is launched with the sport luxury on its seats by making the seats 8 way adjustable to boot and by using the best leather material and giving extra support on the right & left side of the seats.
The both way(chill to warm and warm to chill) climate control feature is really adding more to the luxury of Golf R.
Controlling music system from your leather covered steering wheel is really comfortable and checking your journey average speed and number of miles are really easy.
The well designed metal foot pedal is combination of more control and elegant sports beauty.


Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with the headlights of Bi-Xenon featured with Advanced front-lighting system. It delivers great quality in braking system by supplying wheels of 18 inch alloy.
Accessibility through push button feature to start your Golf R engine is not the last smart car feature in it. Golf R has full aerodynamics based design with 3 large front air intakes.


Volkswagen Golf R has 6 Airbags with Side Curtain for better and safest Protection. It is taking care of collision from front end by using impact absorbing elements.
Braking is automatically applied to wheels individually, such as the outer front wheel to counter over-steer or the inner rear wheel to counter under-steer.
Golf R blessed with Electronic Stability Control(ESC), a computerized technology that improves the safety of a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction(skidding).
On Accident Golf R is capable of unlocking the doors, switching off the power to the fuel pump by its Intelligent Crash Response System .
Golf R is featured with ABS to control the speed and direction of the car instantly from mishappening and with HBA, it boots the power of break to its maximum level for instant stop.

Mileage   :                                                   19/27 mpg

Price Tag :

2-Door                                                           US Dollar 33,990

2-Door with Sunroof and Navigation     US Dollar 35,490

4-Door with Sunroof and Navigation     US Dollar 36,090