Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept of forthcoming Delivery Van set to reveal at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen has announced the forthcoming vision of zero-emission compact transporter vehicle by introducing the advanced electric drive system in the e-Co-Motion concept of the Delivery Van, which will be unveiled at the upcoming 83rd auto exhibit of the Geneva International Motor Show starting from next week on 5th, 2013. The advanced all-electric delivery van is compact and at the same time has the large cargo space of 4.6 cubic meters and impressive 800 kilograms of payload, also featuring the the best manoeuvrable capabilities.

Here the idea of bringing Eco-friendly compact Delivery Van is going to work successfully due to its predictable travel routes where fixed depots can be assembled for easy charging and maintenance. On the other hand, these transportation inside a city with the ease, comes at a price, which lead to add more pollution in the city, so the e-C0-Motion Concept will all-together a best future electric delivery van concept which has many features like best manoeuvrability, good visibility and smart seating arrangement for easy entry, exit and walk-through. The noticing feature of easy loading with a low cargo height and large cargo capacity, which clearly explains that the e-Co-Motion concept is based on the specification of maximum space on a minimal vehicle footprint. This is done by optimally segmented vehicle components to generate maximum cargo space in a compact Delivery Van.In measurement, it is only 4.55 meter longer, 1.90 meter wider and height of 1.96 meter featuring also the maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 cubic meters an has best 800 kilo-grams of payload.

Volkswagen E Co Motion Concept Of Future Delivery Van

Auto News Release Source : Volkswagen