VIDEO: Watch this breakdown of BMW’s Water Injection system

When the BMW M4 GTS first debuted, it made huge headlines for sporting water-injection in its liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine. That water-injection helped increase energy from the usual M4 Competitors Bundle’s 444 hp to a a lot more healthy 493 hp. So what's water-injection and the way does it work? This new video from Engineering Defined breaks it down. Basically, the water-injection system sprays an especially positive mist of water into the consumption manifold. When water is sprayed into the new consumption, it evaporates and that evaporation absorbs vitality, thus decreasing the consumption temperature of the engine. In doing so, that reduces the prospect of engine knock and permits BMW to extend turbo increase from 17.2 psi to 21.6 psi, in addition to change the timing. These two adjustments are what carry the extra 49 hp and so they’re solely potential on account of decreased consumption temperature.   To be sincere, the water-injection truly doesn’t run that a lot. That’s as a result of it’s solely used below to simultaneous circumstances: the engine needs to be above 5,000 rpm and at wide-open throttle. Solely then does the consumption temperature get sizzling sufficient to require the spray of water. So the 5 liter water tank truly lasts fairly a very long time below regular use. On a observe, the place excessive rpm and wide-open throttle are close to fixed, it’s designed to final so long as the fuel within the tank. The attention-grabbing half about this method is that it could actually truly change itself off. As a result of BMW solely permits it to run whereas the ambient temperature is above 41-degrees, in order to not let the water freeze, when it’s not accessible the system can simply change off. Then, it simply turns into the identical 444 hp engine because the M4 Comp Pack, basically. The identical occurs when the water tank runs out. It’s a technically attention-grabbing and spectacular resolution to the issue. Although, we’re unsure it’s a obligatory one. It’s cool within the M4 GTS and makes the automotive a bit extra particular than the typical track-oriented automotive however we hope that’s the tech’s final utility. There’s been a rumor swirling that the upcoming M3 would possibly sport this water-injection system however we’re hoping in any other case. It simply looks like an excessively difficult resolution to creating extra energy when different manufacturers make related energy figures with out it. Nonetheless, it’s attention-grabbing and anybody that likes techy stuff will like this video. Test it out. The article VIDEO: Watch this breakdown of BMW’s Water Injection system appeared first on BMW BLOG