Toyota i-ROAD Public Trials Begin In Japan

Electric vehicles are the need of the hour and car manufacturers around the globe are experimenting with new zero emissions vehicles. Toyota, for instance, has developed a radical-looking yet promising vehicle called Toyota i-ROAD which is a three-wheeled electric powered concept offering an interesting cross of a motorcycle and a car.

Toyota refers to this innovative machine as a personal mobility vehicle, thanks to its compact dimensions which stand at 56.9 inches in height, 33.5 inches in width and 92.5 inches in length. The i-ROAD may not be as cool as the three wheeled machines from Morgan but it surely looks potent enough.

As per the latest report, Toyota has begun the first public trials of this ultra-compact electric vehicle with 10 single-seater versions. The initial testing is set to run from today and will continue till early June. There will be 20 testers, some of which will be industry experts while the rest from the general public. With the help of this program, Toyota expects to gain a variety of feedback on how the vehicle drives and how convenient is it around town.

Toyota i-Road (10)

The test vehicles are based on the concepts showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, but feature several adjustments that make it more usable on city streets. The i-ROAD is good enough for two passengers and has a kerb weight of 300 kg, making it as nimble as a scooter when it comes handling while offering stability levels that of a car.

This year, Toyota will bring the two-seater models of the i-ROAD to Europe as these vehicles will be participating in a vehicle sharing program under which they will operate in Grenoble (France) for the next four years.

Toyota i-ROAD Image Gallery

Technical Specifications

Toyota i-Road technical specifications (Tokyo and Toyota City test model)

Overall length (mm) 2,345
Overall width (mm) 870
Overall height (mm) 1,455
Wheelbase (mm) 1,695
Kerb weight (kg) 300
Tyre size – front 80/90R16
Tyre size – rear 120/90R10
Min. turning radius (m) 3.0
Powertrain 2 electric motors
Max. speed (mph) 37
Cruising range on single charge (miles) 30 (at steady 18.6mph)
Battery type Lithium-ion