Toyota FT-1 Sports Coupe Concept Revealed In Detroit

Japanese auto major Toyota has revealed its latest creation developed specifically for the 2014 North American International Auto Show. Toyota has taken the wraps off the new FT-1 concept in Detroit today.

Dubbed the ultimate sports coupe, the car is a result of Toyota’s Calty design studio’s mission to create something different and fast. The car is designed by Toyota’s California based team and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the same. The design is strikingly modern, yet looks inspired from the 1960s 2000GT.

The fluidic design language has apparently become a must-to-follow trend, however Toyota has made the lines even curvier on the FT-1 concept. Some of the exterior highlights of this beauty include an aerodynamic design featuring large air intakes at the front, stylish exhaust ports and a retractable rear wing.

The FT-1 equips a powerful engine placed at the front while the power generated by it goes to the rear wheels. This configuration allows the cockpit to be set further towards the rear, thus improving overall weight distribution for that classic sports car look and dynamics. Some of the evident 2000GT influenced components are the wraparound windscreen and side glass arrangement.

Toyota FT-1 Sports Coupe Concept (3)

On the inside is a delta shaped display zone for perfect connectivity with the car, a Formula 1-style steering wheel, a colour head-up display projecting the necessary information inches above the steering wheel.

With the FT-1 Toyota breaks its design tradition and adds more energy and passion to its language. So far this new approach is seen on the FT-1 but we could see the same on future production models as well.

Toyota FT-1 Sports Coupe Concept Image Gallery