Volkswagen CC 2013 Whereas the 2.0-liter inline TSI four-cylinder in Europe yields up to 208 horsepower (SAE rated), the United States version in the CC still rates 200 hp. As to the desirable 3.6-liter V6 engine, Europeans get 295 hp, while the U.S. remains 280 hp strong. The new exterior paint seen here, Black Oak Brown Metallic, is really a handsome shade, but sadly it won’t be crossing the ocean either. Likewise, these very slick optional 18×8-inch Lakeville alloys on our VR6 4Motion will stay in Europe, the U.S.

car holding onto the standard Interlagos design. And no 19×8-inch optional Lugano alloys available either. Poop. While this is beginning to sound like VW’s Grinch stole Christmas, all of the major aesthetic changes in the exterior and interior look will indeed come over on the boat from the Emden factory in northern Germany. These include an all-new front fascia, more pronounced