Inspired by 7th generation GTI model- Volkswagen’s engineers and designers has developed a special race car concept – the “Design Vision GTI”, for the Wörthersee festival which starts from 8th to 11th May in Reifnitz city of Austria.  The C-pillars and sills outward like a independent body elements, providing space for essentially broder front and rear tracks, with distinctively built 20-inch wheels[235 tires in the front and 275s at the rear]. The concept race car – “Design Vision GTI” can sprint to a top speed of 186 miles/hour.

Engine Specs : Although the new GTI has plenty of power in standard form, with up to 230 hp available on the Performance model, the “Design Vision GTI” ups the ante with 503 hp, developed at 6500 rpm. Just like the engine in the regular GTI, the concept car has a turbocharged and direct – injection TSI® engine — in this case, a 3.0-liter V6