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Volkswagen unveiled Golf GTI with more efficient performance at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen’s GTI is known for its high-performance capabilities in the segment of compact cars and this time the power-performance is blended with more improved efficiency in the form of new Golf GTI, which is right now unveiled at the most famous Geneva International Motor Show, in Switzerland. The new sports Golf GTI , is equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection petrol Engine, which is capable of generating an output of 217 horsepower[220 PS or 162 kilo-Watts] and  a top torque of 350 Nm, which make it sprint 0 to 62 miles/hour in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 152 miles/hour[244.62 km/hour], while the other Golf GTI Performance variant, is capable of producing an output of 227 horsepower[230 PS or 169 kilo-Watts] and a same top torque of 350 Nm, which makes it dash 0 to 62 miles/hour in 6.4 seconds with a top speed of 155 miles/hour[249.44 km/hour].

Following the 2014 EU-6 emissions regulation standard, both variants with

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept of forthcoming Delivery Van set to reveal at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen has announced the forthcoming vision of zero-emission compact transporter vehicle by introducing the advanced electric drive system in the e-Co-Motion concept of the Delivery Van, which will be unveiled at the upcoming 83rd auto exhibit of the Geneva International Motor Show starting from next week on 5th, 2013. The advanced all-electric delivery van is compact and at the same time has the large cargo space of 4.6 cubic meters and impressive 800 kilograms of payload, also featuring the the best manoeuvrable capabilities.

Here the idea of bringing Eco-friendly compact Delivery Van is going to work successfully due to its predictable travel routes where fixed depots can be assembled for easy charging and maintenance. On the other hand, these transportation inside a city with the ease, comes at a price, which lead to add more pollution in the city, so the e-C0-Motion Concept will all-together a best future electric delivery van concept which has many

Volkswagen new Golf GTI variants with improved efficiency set to unveil at Geneva Motor Show

The Volkswagen GTI known for its power-packed performance, and with that performance and improved efficiency, Volkswagen is all set to unveil the new Golf GTI variant along with Volkswagen Golf GTD model at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show starting from March 5th, 2013. Here for the first time, Golf GTI will be available with two variants of power which includes the standard GTI 220-PS and the GTI Performance with 230-PS, are 18% more efficient than the previous model and offers the large brake discs with a mechanical front limited-slip differential.

In the segment of compact sports car, the new Golf GTI variant, equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection petrol Engine, which is capable of generating an output of 217 horsepower[220 PS or 162 kilo-Watts] and  a top torque of 350 Nm, which make it sprint 0 to 62 miles/hour in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 152 miles/hour[244.62 km/hour], while the other Golf GTI Performance

Volkswagen Golf GTD the blend of performance and efficiency debut at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen is all set with the debut launch of its Golf GTD at the famous Geneva Motor Show starting from March, 5th 2013. The hatchback Golf GTD was introduced some 30 years back but this time for European Market, Volkswagen is introducing GTD in the perfect combination of 7th generation Golf platform with the sporty power, performance and all desired efficiency to make it the best long distance touring car too. The Golf GTD has a turbodiesel 2.0 Litre Front transverse Engine with 6-speed manual gearbox which is capable of generating an output of 184 PS[181.5 hp or 135 kilo-Watts] at 3,500 to 4,000 rpm and best torque of 380 Nm at 1,750 revolution per minute.

The power of engine makes GTD to sprint 0 to 62 miles/hour in just 7.5 seconds in its segment with a good top speed of 142 miles/hour[228.527 km/hour]. With all these power and performance the GTD is engineered to give best

Volkswagen Motorsport’s Ogier and Ingrassia won a stunning victory at Sweden Rally of FIA WRC 2013

The Volkswagen Motorsport has big time celebration when on Sunday, February 10th, the team of Sébastien Ogier[driver] and Julien Ingrassia[co-driver] (F/F) has achieved the most challenging and impressively maiden victory of the Rally Sweden at the FIA World Rally Championship 2013, at the most dependable wheel of Volkswagen Polo R WRC – the 315 horsepower World Rally Car from Wolfsburg. They have created a maiden No.1 leading position throughout the 22 stages, each of distance of 338.91 kilometers and covering a total distance of 1,589.78 kilometers, in the tough condition of Scandinavian with icy snow and against the strong contenders including 9 times world champion Sébastien Loeb[Citroën].

The Rally Sweden brought 8th victory of  Sébastien Ogier in the WRC and this year with more impressive result of 11 best times from 22 special stages by the pairing of Ogier and Ingrassia. The success marks was made by Ogier in the qualification round on Thursday, by achieving the quickest time to finish seven places ahead of the many times world champion Loeb(Citroën), who finished

Volkswagen displayed 2014 Beetle Convertible R-Line at Chicago Auto Show

With the showcasing of Beetle GSR Limited Edition Modelin the ongoing center of Automobile attraction at the Chicago Auto Show 2013, Volkswagen has also showcased the fifth car in the R-Line family – the Beetle Convertible R-Line in the U.S. for model year 2014. Packed with alluring standard features and equipment, the Convertible R-Line has dynamic character with distinctive aluminum alloy wheels of 19-inch with a lower lower-profile all-season tires and has turbo sport-tuned suspension, while in the exterior carrying an R-Line badge on the front grille with Bi-Xenon headlights and LED DRLs.

In the interior, the Beetle Convertible R-Line has various attractive features like dashboard with metallic-finish and door trim,  Fender® Premium Audio System, leather sport seating surfaces, key-less access with push-button start, aluminum sport pedals, stainless-steel R-Line scuff plates,  RNS 315 navigation system and a sporty flat-bottom R-Line multi-function leather steering wheel. The convertible price, is going to be disclosed, near to its launch in the later 2013. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible R Line

Volkswagen Beetle GSR Limited Edition showcased at 2013 Chicago Auto Show

At the prestigious Chicago Auto Show 2013, Volkswagen has officially unveiled the Beetle GSR Limited Edition Model today on February 7th, showcasing the sports beauty in GSR concept. Volkswagen 1970’s GSR has given corresponding new generation formatting with the same combination of yellow and black colors but for those who wants more preferred colors, the new GSR can be specially ordered in Platinum Grey and Black. The sportier new Beetle GSR  has an exceptional 210 PS engine which can sprints 0 to 62 miles/hour in mere 7.3 seconds and reaching to a maximum speed of 142 miles/hour.

It has the good capabilities of best road performance by using the turbocharge engine with a top torque of 280 Nm between 1700 to 5,200 rpm. On the other hand, it has an impressive average fuel economy of 7.3 l/100 km (approx. 38.7 mpg). The new Beetle GSR limited edition model can also be ordered with a 6-speed DSG as an alternative to the 6-speed manual gearbox. Volkswagen Beetle GSR Presented At 2013

Volkswagen Motorsport heading for icy challenge of Rally Sweden at 2013 FIA WRC

With a good start at Rally Monte Carlo 2013 in the previous month, the overall points standing of 2013 FIA World Rally Championship[WRC],  for the driver Sebastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia and for the team Volkswagen Motorsport, stands at the encourging second place. Keeping the high winning spirit for the next toughest challenge of ice and snow – the Rally Sweden(61st year) from 7th to 10th February 2013. The team pairings of Driver[Sébastien Ogier(F)] + Co-Driver[Julien Ingrassia(F)] and Driver[Jari-Matti Latvala(FIN)] + Co-driver[Miikka Anttila(FIN)], with the best powertrain of Volkswagen Polo R WRC, capable of generating a horsepower of 315[232 kilo-Watts], is going to compete the toughest, in terms of maintaining speed and extreme conditions, only event of the season to be fully packed with ice and snow.

The Challenge required precise decision on high speed where accuracy become the only way to avoid any bad situation here in Rally Sweden, so this

Volkswagen officially reveals new Golf 4MOTION with All-Wheel Drive

Volkswagen has just revealed the 4MOTION refined All-Wheel drive technology in the new Volkswagen Golf range, making the Golf range to have more power and enhanced driving dynamics for all condition and situation. The All-Wheel Drive technology is a permanent Four-Wheel Drive feature, with refined 5th-generation Haldex coupling, which makes the new Golf 4MOTION to have more power in extreme condition like gravel, dirt or snow road regions and on the other hand, makes it more fuel efficient as compared to the normal Golf model and with more driving dynamics to give safe and comfortable drive with the smart technology of 4MOTION drive which is 1.4 kg lighter than the previous system, very fast with precise response and needs no pressure accumulator.

Engine & Performance :  For Europe specific models of new Golf 4MOTION, there are 3 range of specification – the Trendline Varinat, the Comfortline Variant , the  Highline Variant, which are equipped with 2

Volkswagen Passat Performance Concept debut at NAIAS 2013

On the prestigious international Auto Show of North America the – NAIAS[North America International Auto Show] 2013 in DETROIT, the Volkswagen of America is coming-up with the global debut of their model – the Volkswagen Passat Performance Concept, while the regular Passat variant in the other markets like Europe and Asia is quite famous for its exclusive luxury and performance. The sportier spirit model with 4-door concept incorporated with 6-speed Automatic Transmission and loaded with Volkswagen EA888 1.8 Liter turbocharged and direct-injected TSI® 4-cylinder Engine , which is capable of producing a horsepower of 250[i.e.

184 kilo-Watts or 253.56 PS]. The Bi-Xenon headlights which featured AFS -Advanced Front Lighting System and LED taillights with carbon applications on its mirror caps, 19-inch Luxor alloy wheels and dual exhaust, is for the first time introduced for the American model of Volkswagen Performance Concept of Passat not found in the regular Passat. The premium interior with dashboard more with carbon-like finish,

Volkswagen CC Europe and US 2013

Volkswagen CC 2013 Whereas the 2.0-liter inline TSI four-cylinder in Europe yields up to 208 horsepower (SAE rated), the United States version in the CC still rates 200 hp. As to the desirable 3.6-liter V6 engine, Europeans get 295 hp, while the U.S. remains 280 hp strong. The new exterior paint seen here, Black Oak Brown Metallic, is really a handsome shade, but sadly it won’t be crossing the ocean either. Likewise, these very slick optional 18×8-inch Lakeville alloys on our VR6 4Motion will stay in Europe, the U.S.

car holding onto the standard Interlagos design. And no 19×8-inch optional Lugano alloys available either. Poop. While this is beginning to sound like VW’s Grinch stole Christmas, all of the major aesthetic changes in the exterior and interior look will indeed come over on the boat from the Emden factory in northern Germany. These include an all-new front fascia, more pronounced