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Suzuki To Showcase 5 New Concepts At 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

For the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Suzuki Motor Corporation is planning to display five new concepts. The doors of the exhibition will be opened for the public at Tokyo’s Big Sight between November 23 and December 1, 2013. Suzuki’s theme for the 4rd Tokyo Motor Show is “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”. The new theme is all about the daily life of customers and with it, Suzuki focuses on the development of new ideas together with their customers.

The concept cars to be exhibited at the show offer cars that are currently in demand, cars that should be available in the near future, and cars for the more distant future, all of which is based on Suzuki’s slogan of “Small Cars for a Big Future”. As long as the design goes, all of them are cute and attractive but Suzuki have made them

Suzuki shows Concept XA trucklet in Delhi

Maruti-Suzuki-Concept-XA-Alpha-s Want to know how highly regarded the multiple-award winning Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is? At the recent Auto Expo in Delhi, India Maruti Suzuki showed a concept that is, to our eyes, extraordinarily reminiscent of the small English SUV – although we’ll readily admit the glasshouse is a tweaked version of the current Suzuki Swift. Maruti-Suzuki-Concept-XA-Alpha Called the XA Alpha concept, some reports say that it’s underpinned by the Swift platform, while others report that the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy off-roader, based on the Jimny, provides the chassis.

For comparison purposes, the XA is just a few inches shorter and narrower than an Evoque, but the same height as the Evoque four-door. Maruti-Suzuki-Concept-XA-Alpha-Rear Plans for production are said to rest with audience reception, which appears to have – understandably – been quite positive. If and when a production version does arrive, you can probably kiss the suicide doors goodbye,