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All-New Audi Q1 SUV Confirmed For 2016

Companies always work for their progress and establishment and so did the workers of Audi, as they have incorporated the new SUV Model called Q1 which will be the deciding factor of the company’s growth. This new compact SUV will be slotted below the Q3 models and will be manufactured in its Ingolstadt plant, Germany from 2016 onwards. The car will be an emblem of the company’s continuous progress and it will be displayed as a strength and competiveness. An important part of the Q family the company has decided to send the Q1 car on the floors by 2020 and the brand will be presenting with new 49 models to more than 60, and also get more cars for sale on about 2 million plus in numbers every year.

The Audi Q2 will be a dynamic car which will be equipped with modular transverse engine concept and this will

Citroën unleashes DS Wild Rubis SUV Concept ahead its debut at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

Sublimating the genes of DS line, Citroën’s DS Wild Rubis concept reveals the possible future styling direction for SUV model of Citroen’s DS sub-brand, the quasi-premium offshoot of Citroen’s premium range. Featuring LEd headlights with ‘scrolling’ indicators like an Audi R8, height similar to Mercedes ML-class-sized and taillights inspired by Citroen’s Numero 9 concept car, it will not be an exaggeration to call ‘Wild Rubis Concept’ as one of the best expressions of inspiration.

Moreover, it could even challenge some of the premium car brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Driven by the full-hybrid, plug-in technology, DS Wild Rubis Concept’ impeccably combines DS formal language with the powerful proportions of SUVs. It was earlier predicted that the Citroën DS Wild Rubis concept will be a production-ready extension of the Numero 9 sports-wagon concept previewed at the Beijing show almost a year ago. It takes many designing elements from Numero 9 sports-wagon