Seat is active member of Volkswagen Group with leading highest number of cars deliveries in Spain, by its innovative design, efficiency, performance with reducing level of CO2 emission. With the latest technology from Volkswagen, Seat has developed highly efficient and good performance petrol and diesel variant engines for new 2013 Seat Toledo, one is TDI diesel engine which has a capacity of 1600-cc i.e 1.6 Liters and horsepower of 105 i.e 77 kilo-Watt. On the other hand, with technology of 7-speed dual-shift gearbox, the petrol variant is quite powerful and comes with capacity of 1400-cc i.e 1.4 Liters and 1600-cc i.e 1.6 Liters, that produces a horsepower of 75 i.e 55 kilo-Watt with 1.4 Liters and a horsepower of 122 with 1.6 Liters petrol engine of new 2013 Seat Toledo.

For diesel engine with 1600-cc i.e 1.6 Liters, Seat is working on configuration that will produce a horsepower of 90