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SEAT Launches Leon Cupra and Cupra 280 Hatchbacks

Seat has launched two new versions of the flagship Leon hatchback called the Cupra and Cupra 280. Of the two new models, the Leon Cupra 280 is the quickest and most powerful series production car ever made by Seat. The Leon Cupra range includes five models starting with the standard SC Cupra, the SC Cupra 280, SC Cupra 280 DSG, Cupra 280 and Cupra 280 DSG. Interestingly, despite being exceptionally well powered all the Cupra models return 44.1 mpg average fuel consumption. Leon is a brand in itself therefore to surpass its high-set benchmark, Seat has fitted the Cupra range with standard features like a mechanical front axle differential lock, a progressive steering system, DCC dynamic chassis control, and two-stage deactivation of the electronic stability control (ESC).

Also the Leon Cupra is built on an all new chassis, features a wider front track and fully independent front and rear suspension.


Your desperation of viewing the cool yet ravishing racing car competition may come to an end with theannouncement of SEAT Leon racing Competition to begin in 2014. SEAT has fulfilled its promise to present its customers with the ultimate racing car series with some fresh cars. This race series will be comprised with six different European countries who will be hosting the race and about to commence in May 2014. This will be a customer racing series with the all-new astonishing Leon Cup Racer. This will be organized in six weekends as the drivers will be driving the expeditious SEAT Leon Racer with 330 PS with professional features that are typically customized for racing series.

This car claims to be the high performance car and the customers are also waiting to see the dashing model and hold on the steering. The Car Performance The contestants will get a chance to

SEAT new Leon redesigned and efficient engineering -Enjoyneering

SEAT new Leon Engine Configuration: The SEAT new Leon 1.6 Liter TDI turbocharged Engine with direct injection, is capable of generating a horsepower of 104 i.e 105 PS with a torque of 184 lb.feet i.e 250 Nm. The engine is well engineered with technology that makes it quickly warm-up with low internal friction, which produces adequate power with more fuel efficiency as the figures indicates. The new Leon with enhanced engineering and technology has improved more on fuel economy from its previous versions by 22%.

The Leon 1.6 TDI has shown a fuel mileage average figure of 74.3 miles per gallon i.e 31.58 kilometer per liter, which is really good in its class segment. With fuel efficiency, the new Leon has also shown a good figure in low CO2 emission that makes its more environment friendly with mere 99 gram per kilometer of CO2*. Those who are really go for