SEAT new Leon Engine Configuration: The SEAT new Leon 1.6 Liter TDI turbocharged Engine with direct injection, is capable of generating a horsepower of 104 i.e 105 PS with a torque of 184 lb.feet i.e 250 Nm. The engine is well engineered with technology that makes it quickly warm-up with low internal friction, which produces adequate power with more fuel efficiency as the figures indicates. The new Leon with enhanced engineering and technology has improved more on fuel economy from its previous versions by 22%.

The Leon 1.6 TDI has shown a fuel mileage average figure of 74.3 miles per gallon i.e 31.58 kilometer per liter, which is really good in its class segment. With fuel efficiency, the new Leon has also shown a good figure in low CO2 emission that makes its more environment friendly with mere 99 gram per kilometer of CO2*. Those who are really go for