It was 1992 when Renault’s designers created one of the most popular hatchbacks till date, the Renault Twingo. After nearly 16 years, in 2008 Renault once again proved itself by developing the next generation Twingo. Today, the French major has unveiled the 2015 Renault Twingo which is even roomier and more agile as a city car. The 2015 Twingo has its engine positioned at the rear, giving more room to the front end which further helps reduce the turning circle and also improves the handling. Renault says the all new Twingo is more maneuverable than its predecessor, allowing easy in and out from tight parking spaces.

The engine makes use of a smaller block and the wheels have been positioned at the extreme corners, rendering better optimization of the overall space. This allowed Renault to add even more space to the already spacious cabin. Coming to the styling of the