In the Super Bowl XLVII videos, the Jeep and Ram brands has shown the indefinite contribution of society savers -“TROOPS” and “FARMERS” of American Society. In the video presented by Jeep brand, is a patriotic letter of “Whole Again” – in the vocals of famous Oprah Winfrey, where the six branches of Armed forces is described to save American society and its our time to let them know that we have the family bond of greatest respect with warm love for them in saving our society from every aspect.

Oprah Winfrey said on this – “It was an honor to lend my voice in support of those that serve us all,”. The Jeep brand’s “Whole Again” was made with the partners Global Hue of Detroit. The Jeep brand’s “Operation SAFE Return” (OSR) aims to galvanize community support for service members and their families worldwide. In the video presented by Ram