The new Praga R1 is a racing product of Slovakian Automakers, is by birth a R1 Racer and powered with 2.0 Litre engine[F4R 832] from Renault Sport Formula 2010. The 16 valves 4-cylinder Engine with 6-speed sequential semi-automatic transaxle gearbox, is capable of generating a good horsepower of 207[i.e. 155 kW/210 PS] at 7,500 rpm and produces a torque of 220Nm at 4,500 rpm, confident to have a power to weight ratio of only 3.8 kg/kW [i.e. 356 hp per tone].  The Praga R1 is a 2-seater with a length of  4170 mm, a width of 1800 mm and height of just 995 mm, is kept very low in weight by using carbon-fibre monocoque and constructing it around with light weight and compact mid engine layout.

It just 592 kilograms[i.e. 1300 lbs] in weight. The doors are made-up of Carbon fibre and has customized lightweight polycarbonate windows with anti-scratch protection. The Praga R1 has their made carbon Kevlar racing