The Japan’s 2nd largest auto company, Nissan Motor, has revealed the photos of new Note Hatchback, offered only to Japan’s Market, in the year end 2012. The Nissan’s zero emission pure electric car, LEAF, is all admired internationally with many awards, has done a great work in Automotive industry, Nissan has launched the new Note hatchback with the same worldwide appreciation hopes in B-segment cars. The European variant of new Note by Nissan will be offered with dynamic Europe-based Edition in year 2013.

On July, 16th 2012, Nissan revealed the new global and potential compact car concept in Yokohama at Osanbashi’s World Premiere, the new Note is a best combination of style, compact(Hatchback) and technology. The Note Engine is equipped with advanced technology and body exterior’s with aerodynamic shape in lightweight platform is capable of giving best fuel mileage and low CO2 emission levels. The advanced technology Engine is a newly developed