Lexus IS F 2011 The Lexus IS-F was a big step up from its six-cylinder IS 250 and IS 350siblings. Not only did it pack eight-cylinder power, but its brakes, suspension and tires were tuned for serious enthusiasts. Complementing the mechanical upgrades, Lexus also made a slew of cosmetic changes to the bodywork, and fitted the cabin with special sport seats and other performance kit. While we liked the IS F when we first spent time with it in 2009, we weren’t completely blown away. Aside from its lack of personality (blame Japanese sterility), much of our frustration was directed at its sport-tuned suspension, which was much too firm for our tastes.

It seemed intent on rattling the amalgam fillings from our jaws. “While the Lexus sport sedan is great in the canyons, a joy to toss into the corners, straight-line driving on anything but polished marble will leave you