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2013 Hyundai Elantra Sports Coupe

Sports Coupe Engine : The 2013 sports coupe of Hyundai, Elantra has two sports variant the Elantra Coupe GS and Elantra Coupe SE, both has 1.8 Liters, 4-cylinder 1797-cc Engine of 16-valve with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing(D-CVVT), capable of generating a horsepower of 148 in Elantra Coupe GS at 6500 RPM and a horsepower of 145 in Elantra Coupe SE at 6300 RPM. The Engine with multi-point fuel injection, produces a torque of 131 lb.-feet at 4700 RPM in Elantra Coupe GS and a torque of 130 at 4700 RPM in Elantra Coupe SE.

The front wheel drive Elantra Sports Coupe is available with the standard feature of 6 speed manual transmission and an optional feature of 6 speed automatic transmission system with Active Eco system and SHIFTRONIC in both sports variants of Elantra. Sports Coupe Performance: By making the good combination of power and comfort, the Elantra Sports

2012 Hyundai Azera

2012-hyundai-azera Video Preview : 2012 Hyundai AzeraTest Drive & Car Review Hyundai is on a new-product war path. The company’s plan to unveil seven new or significantly redesigned vehicles in just 24 months has officially come to fruition with the introduction of the 2012 Azera. This model is the last in that ambitious push, and as such, it wears plenty of design elements borrowed from those that came before it. It would be difficult to miss the similarities between the sweeping chrome grille and wrapped headlights of the Azera and those found on company’s Sonata.

The design is somewhat more toned down in the new application, and the front fascia actually manages to look more menacing than melted. Details like LED trim work in the headlights and prominent fog lamps also help give the 2012 Azera additional presence up front. Move to the vehicle’s side, and it’s clear the sedan’s