The honor of 59th model to be manufactured by Ferrari exclusively for the Formula 1 World Championship is all given to a new inspiration racing DNA, in the form of new Ferrari F138 Formula 1 car, which has been revealed today with photos and details in Maranello, Italy. The project internal code name 664 has finally given the name as F138, is based upon the combination of current year and no. of cylinders which depicts that the 8-cylinder engine configuration is the 8th and final year for it to compete in the championship.

The 8-cylinder Engine is much refined version of the last year engine and has 32-valve, electronic injection and ignition, has a displacement of 2,398 cc. It has the chassis with the combination of lightweight carbon fibre and honeycomb composite structure and longitudinal gearbox with quick shift and limited-slip differential. The same last year suspension design layout is followed in the F138 but has