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Cadillac Elmiraj Is The Most Beautiful Concept Ever

The Elmiraj Concept by Cadillac is the pinnacle of brand’s model range. This grand coupe carries the same Cadillac DNA as seen on other models but takes a different approach towards the design which despite being familiar looks refreshingly new. This two door grand coupe is actually a modern version of the classic concept. And it can also be understood as a car that continues from where the Cadillac Ciel Concept left off. Proportion wise the car is 205 inches (5207mm) in length and can accommodate four people at once.

In Cadillac’s words the Elmiraj is not just an exaggeration of the company’s design language and in fact is a step forward. The exterior of the car is as beautiful as it can get. There is a long dash-to-axle front profile with a long wheelbase and clean body side with hardly any creases. Other design highlights include two function hood

Cadillac Elmiraj Reveals 3-D Scanning Technology For Designing Concept Cars

We all want to get the best slice of life and our progressive technology is also trying to get it for us. As we are quite a far away from the 22nd century but still with the ongoing progression of science and technology we are achieving the best inputs from scientific experiments and applying it on various aspects of our lives. This same incident happened with the creation of Cadillac Elmiraj Concept car which has used 3D scanning and structured lighting technology to include in their digital data modeling programs.

This kind of 3 D scanning is often used in advanced measuring technology to create models and the vehicle designers and developers of Elmiraj have used this innovative technology in creating their stunning model of the concept car. From clay model to digital modeling and presenting it through 3 D scanning all have done accomplished within a week, for a