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Carrozzeria Touring Disco Volante concept

The string of early reveals in front of the Geneva Motor Show continues with bonafide auto-porn shots of the Carrozzeria Touring Disco Volante concept. And if it’s true that sex sells, Alfa Romeo could seriously clean up if it put this hot hatch into production. Coachbuilder Carrozzeria drew heavily from the Touring Disco concept it created for Alfa in 1952. The boattail-like rear window and tiny twin taillights are direct descendants of the 60-year-old muse. Same goes for the long hood, short rear deck proportions that just scream speed.

Beneath the sexy skin is an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, including its 443-horsepower, 4.7-liter V8 and six-speed tranny. Looking to add a Disco Volante to your harem of supercars? Get in line. Quickly. Carrozzeria says it will build only a few for the very wealthy who probably aren’t you. Related Gallery2012 Carrozzeria Disco Volante concept

Jay Leno Camaro 2012

Back in 2009, General Motors whipped up a special-edition Chevrolet Camaro for Jay Leno. With a twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 engine, unique aerodynamic and cooling work, Brembo brakes on all four corners and a Pedders coil-over suspension kit, the vehicle was designed to be a modern interpretation of the old Z28. Small aesthetic tweaks abound as well, from a revised front fascia to functional brake duct inlets on the rear quarters and unique exhaust outlets. GM even slathered the vehicle in the same paint as the original Camaro Concept.

Very sexy. Why do we bring up the 420 horsepower special edition now? Because Leno just took delivery of it. The latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage pours over every last detail of the car before hitting the road. We like the idea of a better-handling, more track-focused Camaro, and while the Camaro ZL1 has scratched that itch for plenty of people,

Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2012

Range-Rover-Evoque-convertible Land Rover-Range Rover -Evoque Convertible Concept While we’re still waiting for official details, we have received confirmation from the blokes at Land Rover that the Range Rover Evoque Convertible you see above is the real deal, and it will debut at next month’s 2012 Geneva Motor Show. At this time, Land Rover is calling the roofless wonder a concept, though a production model seems likely at some point in the near future. Based on the three-door Evoque, the convertible model will offer seating for four and be billed as the world’s first premium convertible SUV (sorry, Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet!).

  Top Gear fans were some of the first to hear about the droptop Evoque when presenter Jeremy Clarkson used a pair of scissors to cut the roof off an Evoque during a news segment this week, but it took a while before the crafty Internet got around to leaking

Toyota releases new FT-Bh – Future B-segment hybrid ahead of Geneva

TOYOTA FT-BH CONCEPT: TAKING EFFICIENCY TO NEW HEIGHTS FT-Bh – Future Toyota B-segment hybrid toyota-ft-bh-concept New concept designed for maximum fuel efficiency, built using economically viable methods and materials CO2 emissions around 50 per cent lower than the current average for the supermini segment Focus on five principal factors: low weight, aerodynamic performance, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving World debut at the Geneva motor show Toyota’s FT-Bh concept breaks new boundaries in small car efficiency.

It’s as spacious as an average five-door supermini, but produces about 50 per cent less CO2, and tipping the scales at under 800kg, its weighs less than a three-door Aygo. These feats have not been achieved by using exotic materials or expensive techniques: from the outset Toyota determined that the FT-Bh would be made using commonplace, economically viable production methods and technologies, including a down-sized full hybrid powertrain. Toyota took a “total

Jeep® Grand Cherokee production-intent concept to Geneva

Jeep® Brand at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show   Jeep Grand Cherokee Sports Model Concept – Jeep® Grand Cherokee production-intent sports concept: stand-out from the crowd exterior design and performance appeal combine with the efficiency of the 3.0-litre CRD engine – Jeep® Wrangler Mountain: new special edition-model with authentic ‘outdoor’ style – Jeep® Compass production-intent concept: all-new Black look for the compact SUV of the Jeep family     European première for the Jeep Grand Cherokee production-intent sports concept car that combines stand-out from the crowd exterior design and sporty appearance with the efficiency of the 3.0-litre V-6 CRD engine with Multijet II.

Jeep showcases to the public in Geneva the Jeep Compass production-intent concept and adds a new characterful appearance to the compact SUV of the Jeep family. European debut in Geneva for Jeep Wrangler Mountain: the new limited-edition model of the iconic Wrangler. This year, at the 2012

Ford Tourneo Custom Concept previews new European people mover


ynamic Ford Tourneo Custom Concept Makes Global Debut at 2012 Geneva Motor Show Ford Tourneo Custom Concept • Ford Tourneo Custom Concept makes global debut at Geneva Motor Show to showcase a dramatic new look and preview introduction of an all-new family of one-ton Ford Transit people movers and commercial vehicles for Europe and Asia • The dynamic and contemporary Tourneo Custom Concept adopts the same Kinetic Design language as Ford’s latest passenger cars to take a fresh approach to space, style and functionality and target a new generation of Tourneo customers • Stylish eight-seat concept brings new energy to personal use, lifestyle and executive shuttle sectors; car-like dynamics and comfort brought together through a driver-focused cockpit and all-new luxurious interior design • Multi-adjustable and removable rear seating can be adapted for business or leisure pursuits while innovative technologies include SYNC voice-activated, in-car connectivity system with Emergency Assistance • Concept

Mini reveals Clubvan Concept ahead of Geneva debut

MORE SPACE FOR STYLE: THE MINI CLUBVAN CONCEPT. Mini reveals Clubvan Concept – Compact lifestyle van for business and leisure – First concept of its kind in the premium segment – World premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2012 Woodcliff Lake, NJ – February 18, 2012 – Stand-out-from-the-crowd style can also be amazingly practical – and practicality can be surprisingly attractive. The MINI Clubvan Concept paves the way for an innovative vehicle concept without parallel in the premium small car segment.

The MINI Clubman-based concept car, scheduled for its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2012, combines the driving fun for which MINI is renowned with increased load-carrying capability. The MINI experience will therefore find its way into new areas of life, the brand’s distinctive character gaining new popularity among target groups not previously on the MINI radar. The closed-off load area behind the front seats and

SMS Supercars unveils 620 Camaro, auctions first example for charity at Barrett-Jackson

When Steve Saleen launched his new company, SMS Supercars, back in 2008, he announced that he would be expanding his portfolio of vehicles to include the muscle car offerings from Chevrolet and Dodge. First up was the 570 and 570X Challenger, followed soon after by the 302 Mustang. Now, Steve Saleen’s muscle car trifecta is finally complete, as SMS officially unveiled the 620 Camaro at Barrett-Jackson this week. The car maintains the styling cues featured on both the Challenger and Mustang with an aggressive front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, butterfly hood and chrome 20-inch wheels.

Inside is a custom leather interior, and under the hood, the 6.2-liter V8 has been supercharged to 620 horsepower and 570 pound-feet torque. In addition to unveiling the car at Barrett-Jackson this week, SMS actually auctioned off the first production example last night. This particular car was also a special “Bondurant Edition” in honor

Kia renders Track’ster concept for Chicago

Things are shaping up nicely for next week’s Chicago Auto Show, key among them this new Kia concept called Track’ster. Riffing on the Korean automaker’s hit Soul compact, the Track’ster keeps much of the small car’s boxy style, but turns the wick up considerably by scrubbing the rear doors, fitting a gaping front end, substituting massive showcar wheels and dramatically lowering the right height. This isn’t the first time Kia has toyed with the idea of a Soul spinoff – at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, it presented the Soul’ster, a rough-and-tumble concept vehicle with a small pickup bed.

Thanks to a strong response from the public, the Soul’ster was understood to be under consideration for production, but its hopes reportedly fizzled due to the economic meltdown. Despite being on the market since 2008, the Soul continues to pick up momentum in chunks. Thanks in part to a refresh for

Volkswagen BlueSport roadster still on-track after all?

The on-again, off-again Volkswagen BlueSport roadster is, well, on again according to EVO Magazine. The publication reportedly spoke with Uli Hackenberg, head of engineering with Volkswagen, who said the company’s dealers are mistaken when they say there won’t be a market for a vehicle like the BlueSport. Hakenberg said that the rise of hardware like the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, alongside the upcoming next-generation Mazda MX-5 suggests buyers are once again willing to put down cash on an entry-level sports car.

Throw in the fact that the dollar is regaining strength and European vehicles start to look even more competitive in the Land of the Free. Despite this, recent reports have indicated that the BlueSport’s planned sibling at Porsche has been delayed, and its other planned sibling, the Audi R4, is understood to have been canceled back in May. As a result, Volkswagen is reportedly going to ask

Bertone releases sketches of Nuccio Concept ahead of Geneva

Turin-based styling house Bertone has released a couple of sketches teasing its upcoming Nuccio Concept car. To be debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March, the Nuccio will reportedly be based on a mid-engine platform and is meant to commemorate the company’s 100-year anniversary. The Nuccio is named after founder Giovanni Bertone’s son, who took over the company and separated it into two divisions, one for building cars and one for designing them for clients. Giuseppe “Nuccio” Bertone died in 1997 and was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit in 2006, having led his eponymous company through its most successful years.

The Nuccio Concept will be a berlinetta (Italian for little saloon) of classic Bertone design, sporting a pronounced wedge shape that sits very low to the ground. No real details were provided with the two sketches, so we’ll have to wait until the Geneva

Toyota teases FT-Bh concept hybrid city car ahead of Geneva

Most concepts you’ll see on the show stands of the Geneva Motor Show will come packing some manner of sci-fi powertrain and ultra-expensive chassis and body materials. That’s where the Toyota FT-Bh concept stands apart. Toyota is calling it a “full hybrid city car study,” so the FT-Bh isn’t destined for production. However, Toyota’s goal was to create an inexpensive, fuel efficient urban runabout that doesn’t rely on expensive materials or complex manufacturing, but rather uses existing technology to make an affordable hybrid for the masses – something that would be perfect for Europe.

Thing is, Toyota is bringing just that to Geneva in mass-market form. Joining the FT-Bh on stage is the production version of the Yaris Hybrid, which for all intents and purposes is exactly what the FT-Bh is: an inexpensive, small hybrid based off an existing platform and using tried-and-true technology. Packing a 1.5-liter gasoline engine mated

Kia Track’ster unlikely for production, but hints at next-generation Soul "family"

Expect the next Soul to look something like the Track’ster, with Kia deploying more than one variant. Kia’s Track’ster Concept is one of the big hits of the Chicago Auto Show, one of the rare concepts that just screams, “Build me!” But after a thorough interrogation of Kia’s PR team and an interview with design chief Peter Schreyer, we realize that’s just wishful thinking. We do, however, expect the next Soul to look something like the Track’ster, with Kia deploying more than one variant when the second generation appears in a few years.

“If the Soul were to evolve into a family, it would be nice,” Schreyer told us. Kia spokesman Scott McKee repeatedly said the Track’ster was just a concept and not intended to be production feasible, all the while issuing the standard auto company disclaimer, “Every concept car we do is about gathering information from consumers and media.”

SsangYong Geneva-bound XIV-2 convertible crossover gets rendered

We know what you’re thinking. Combining SsangYong and “convertible crossover” in the same sentence is a recipe for disaster. After all, SsangYong has never been known for the attractiveness of its designs, and the only droptop crossover currently on the market, the Nissan Murano CrossCab, isn’t exactly a beauty queen, either. That said, the SsangYong XIV-1 Concept (that stands for eXciting User Interface Vehicle, for what it’s worth) from the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show was a decent enough looker, and, instead of a full-blown convertible top that folds its way into a hump behind the rear seats, the XIV-2 Concept appears to sport a sliding canvas roof akin to the Fiat 500 Cabrio.

Only two teaser images have so far been released, along with a brief press release, so we’ll have to wait until the 2012 Geneva Motor Show kicks off in earnest before drawing any conclusions. That said, it’s

Are you the Infiniti Emerg-e concept?


or an automaker whose lineup is made up of more crossovers than anything else, Infiniti sure does seem to like doing two-door show cars. The 2006 Coupe Concept showed the way forward for the G37 coupe, the 2009 Essence concept showcased a new design direction, the Etherea concept of 2011 may have been a five-door hatch but tried its damnedest to look like a coupe, and now the Japanese luxury marque is preparing to roll in to Geneva with a new sports car concept altogether. Dubbed Emerg-e, the concept car has so far only been teased with a handful of close-up detail shots tinted such a deep purple we were half expecting them to break out into a rendition of “Smoke on the Water” – which was, come to think of it, set just across the lake from where the concept is set to be unveiled just a few weeks

How Kia built its show-stopping Track’ster concept

We’ll admit it: We’re totally smitten with the Kia Track’ster Concept that debuted at last week’s Chicago Auto Show. And it’s not just because we like the idea of a 250-horsepower, all-wheel-drive hot hatch from Korea, it’s because this concept shows bits and pieces of what the next-generation Soul could look like, including a possible three-door configuration. Kia, however, has no immediate plans to send the Track’ster into production. In fact, specific elements like the turbocharged engine don’t even exist – this is purely a design study, albeit a hot one.

The process of building the Track’ster started a little over nine months ago, and the folks at Motor Trend were able to watch the entire creation process. Ideas and sketches turned into clay models which were later photographed, detailed, and sent over to a company that specializes in building concept cars. As a special treat, we even get to

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera preparing new Disco Volante concept for Geneva

Mention the names Disco Volante and Touring to connoisseurs of classic Italian automobiles and you’re going to need to start handing out bibs. The Disco Volante, for the uninitiated, is not a rave held inside a convertible Aston Martin, but one of the most beautiful Alfa Romeos ever made. Officially know as the C52, the 1950s-era Alfa prototype – of which only four were ever made – was named Flying Saucer (in Italian) because of its aerodynamic shape. It was based on the Alfa Romeo 1900 but rebodied to its streamlined shape by – you guessed it – Carrozzeria Touring.

That coachbuilder had long since disappeared into obscurity, but was more recently revived to give us some very alluring designs, from concept cars like the Gumpert Tornante and Maserati A8 GCS to coachbuilt conversions of existing vehicles like the Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback and – perhaps most enticing of all