The more sprinting performance is mated with the new luxury of the four-door sports car from the British Automaker Aston Martin, in the new Rapide S. It has an exclusive beauty of a GT which is optimized by more refinement in the engine performance and efficiency to make a unique and balanced identity in the segment of Luxury 4-doors Sports Car. Engine :    The new Rapide S is coming with a new Rapide Gen 4 AM11 engine which is a next generation engine in terms of technology and delivering ample power to the luxury of new Rapide S.

It has a front mid-mounted, all alloy 48 -valve V12, 6.0 Litre engine with a displacement of 5,934 cc and has rear-wheel drive. The V12 Engine can generate a top horsepower of 550[558 PS] at 6,750 RPM which is an improvement of 80 hp[81 PS] i.e. 17% ( in the previous model, it generates 470 hp[477