Engine Configuration and Performance: The Aspid GT-21 has V8 advanced technology Engine, is not only capable of generating high power but Eco-efficient also, by providing hybrid technology in Gran Turismo(GT-21) sports car. The customized eight-cylinder Engine from BMW with rear-wheel drive and dual-clutch transmission system, generates a horsepower of 450 and with best aerodynamic design, GT-21 can take a top speed more than 187 miles/hour i.e. 300 kilometer/hour, while covering 62 miles i.e. 100 kilometers in less than 3 seconds. The lightweight technology is incorporated by supplying the same chassis design of the Aspid Super Sport model which weighs only 80 kilograms and thus assist in reducing CO2 emission efficiently. Efficient Technology : GT-21 is equipped with latest and advanced lightweight technology to make car more efficient like ultra light stronger steels and grade aluminum which is used in aerospace industry. With advanced technology similarly used in Aspid Super SportsRead More