Suzuki To Showcase 5 New Concepts At 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

For the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Suzuki Motor Corporation is planning to display five new concepts. The doors of the exhibition will be opened for the public at Tokyo’s Big Sight between November 23 and December 1, 2013.

Suzuki’s theme for the 4rd Tokyo Motor Show is “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”. The new theme is all about the daily life of customers and with it, Suzuki focuses on the development of new ideas together with their customers.

The concept cars to be exhibited at the show offer cars that are currently in demand, cars that should be available in the near future, and cars for the more distant future, all of which is based on Suzuki’s slogan of “Small Cars for a Big Future”. As long as the design goes, all of them are cute and attractive but Suzuki have made them even more appealing by adding company’s attractive products and unique leading-edge technology.

In fact the whole booth of Suzuki is based on the theme and there are many elements that will attract the visitors. For instance there is an S-shaped border on the booth depicting lightness and softness. A 3.6m x 40m wide panoramic roof is set at the back of the stage along with huge screens on the main stage playing videos of the concept cars all day long.

Suzuki Concepts At 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Now let us take a look at the concepts one by one:

Suzuki Crosshiker Crossover

  • The Crosshiker is a compact crossover, which is an alternative offer of the G70. It packs lightweight and fuel-efficient technologies like the next-generation lightweight platform that was adopted for the G70.
  • It features a size of a compact car while weighing just 810kg, the weight of a minicar. With a newly developed 1-litre 3-cylinder engine, it strikes a good balance between power and environmental performance.
  • The Crosshiker inherited the G70 concept “Eco-friendly on the inside while having a design with personality that would evoke passion in users”, while adopting more exciting styling and a design befitting a crossover tailored to adults keeping a playful mind.


  • Based on the Jimny, Suzuki’s world-class compact 4WD vehicle, the X-LANDER is equipped with a 1.3L engine and a newly developed automatically controlled manual transmission.
  • It incorporates a compact lightweight hybrid system equipped with a highly-efficient motor built onto a 4WD system, achieving both up-to-date environmental performance and excellent running performance.
  • The vehicle design is loaded with full of playful touches so that the vehicle looks like a fusion of off-road power and mechanical precision.

Suzuki HUSTLER Crossover

  • This is a crossover type concept model of a new-genre minicar that suits the active lifestyle of people who love the nature, love the outdoors, and love sports.
  • This is a stylish yet practical design with plenty of SUV touches, combining an exterior that looks like it belongs in the outdoors with a roomy, comfortable, and useful interior.

Suzuki HUSTLER Coupe

  • This is a concept model that adds further design variation of a coupe silhouette to the reference exhibit HUSTLER.

Suzuki iV-4

  • The iV-4 is a compact SUV concept model newly offered by Suzuki, who has earned much praise for its Jimny, Grand Vitara, and other compact SUVs.
  • Its concept “Grab Your Field” has the meaning to let users pursue their own pastimes and lifestyles.
  • This model is equipped with Suzuki’s next-generation 4WD system ALLGRIP and will be launched in Europe in 2015.

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