Porsche 911 GT3 2013 caught on camera first look



The new generation Porsche 911 is out for quite some time now, but it took a while until Porsche has finally decided to take the GT3 version out for a testing session. The sports car has been taken on slippery and snowy roads and lucky for us the spy photographers were there to catch it testing.

As you can see in these spy shots the car has received the GT3 typical front bumper and the centered twin exhaust pipes, but the big rear wing that further distinguish the GT3 is missing. While until this point is not very sure what engine will be used for the sports car, we can tell you for sure that the engine will be around 450 HP. Also, as previously reported the GT3 will only be offered with a PDK gearbox, even if both versions are currently being tested. The GT3 will also feature the new electromechanical steering system that has been seriously criticized for offering less driver feedback than a traditional hydraulic setup.

Porsche 911 GT3 2013

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