Appears Legit: Watch This Wheel Horse With a CBR 1000 Motor Run 12s At Santa Pod

Now THIS is superior. A a proud former Wheel Horse proprietor, I can inform you that they're nice little tractors that may do a myriad of jobs round the home however I also can inform you quick stroll is the highest velocity. My children discovered to drive on mine within the again yard however by no means in 1,000,000 years did I ever anticipate to see one on a drag strip, not to mention one powered by a 1,000cc Honda CBR motorbike engine! Sure, this Wheel Horse with a CBR 1000 motor runs 12s at Santa Pod the place they have to in some way classify it as a motorbike or one thing because the dude has leathers and a helmet on. After that the one safety is from physics, the Good Lord, or the entire above. The launch is just a little wonky however as soon as this man get’s the ship out of port, the little tractor actually scoots. He bangs by the gears and stops the clock at little greater than 12.50 and with a velocity of over 100mph. Whereas the stamped metal “chassis” seems to have been beefed up, the wheelbase and total structure of this rig simply screams sketchy at velocity. We’re questioning if this tractor is often used within the modified backyard tractor pulling realm or if it was particularly designed for drags strip responsibility. The rear tires are undoubtedly of an agricultural or off-road slant so that might make sense. Both means, we’re loving this factor and each “racing” mower we now have seen has been on the road and by no means with a full quarter mile pull beneath it. Yee Haw! Press play beneath to see a Wheel Horse tractor with a CBR 1000 engine run 12s! The publish Appears Legit: Watch This Wheel Horse With a CBR 1000 Motor Run 12s At Santa Pod appeared first on