Porsche 918 Spider Hybrid Plug-In Concept Car 2013

Porsche is known for its matchless luxury & power sports in its cars & supercars. But this time they will be delivering something that not only the first Hybrid plug-in Supercar but also making cars more enviornment-friendly by lauching Porsche 918 Spider Hybrid Concept car around end of September 2013.


Already road test on hybrid 918 spider has been started on its prototype. Naturally, it will be good in fuel economy but some points are still not disclosed by Porsche like battery only operated, battery charging time.

Performance :

Porsche hybrid 918 Spider car has its original V8 4.6 Liter engine which is already capable of producing 500 hp, with addition to this, hybrid 918 spider has 2 electric motors capable of generating extra power of 280 hp. So all together the Porsche hybrid 918 spider is unleashing 780 hp which makes its first hybrid plug-in supercar.

The 7 speed dual clutch transmission drives its rear wheels to a pair of electric motors will sprint 0 to 60 miles in just 2.9 seconds touching a highest speed of 210 miles/hour.


With its plug-in charging system, the regenerative technology, the cars lithium-ion batteries will be able to be recharged.
On hyrid plug-in system, company beleives the 918 spider will give a mileage of 78 miles/gallon and thats a good number for such a powerful car to be delivered.

Exterior : 

Hybrid 918 spider chassis construction elements, is a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic technique.
If we see the powertrains which is made-up of electric motors and batteries incur an increase on overall car’s weight, but the use of aluminum & magnesium all over its frame, has kept hybrid 918 spider weight to 3300 lbs.



Launch & Delivery  :     As per Porsche only 918 units will be produced & their orders have already been started in advanced. It will go into production around end of September 2013.

Price Tag                         :    Starting price of 8,45,000 Dollars(Indicative price from Porsche)


Specification of Porsche 918 Spider Hybrid Plug-In Concept Car 2013

General Specs
Country of origin Germany
Numbers built 918
Launched 2013
Engine specs
Configuration 90º V8 Engine
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Construction Aluminium block and head
Displacement 4.6 Lit / 280.7 cubic inch
Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed Direct Fuel Injection
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Power 570 horsepower / 425 KilWatt
Red Line 9000 rpm
HorsePower/Liter 124 horsepower / Lit
Engine specs
Location Front, transversely mounted
Power 107 horsepower / 80 KiloWatt
Engine specs
Configuration Electric Motor
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Power 121 horsepower / 90 KiloWatt
Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque
Gearbox PDK Twin Clutch 7 speed Automatic
Drive All wheel drive
Performance figures
Combined Power 798 horsepower / 595 KiloWatt
Top Speed 320 km/hr (199 miles/hr)
0-100 km/hr 3.2 seconds