Pogea Corvette modernizes an American classic

MARKDORF, 01.02.2012
Back to the Future – POGEA RACING updates 1959 Corvette with latest technology

“This Corvette unites classic automobile design in balance with the latest in modern vehicle


This is how Eduard Pogea, head of POGEA RACING GmbH outlines the ’59 model Corvette

convertible modernised by his company on a customer’s orders. And continues: “Within the

space of only one year we developed, produced and adapted current technology to fit in an

American Old timer. Our objective was to marry contemporary driving characteristics, a

terrifically powerful engine, dependable brakes and a refined vehicle interior with classic


The chassis for this demanding project consists of an in-house tube frame manufactured in

cooperation with Foose Design in the USA. This frame not only significantly improves the

convertible’s torsional stiffness, it also forms a solid base on which to mount the heightadjustable coilover suspension, as well as the modern drive and brake systems.

When it came to looking for an engine befitting its heritage, POGEA opted for a Corvette

LS3. This engine, used in the current Corvette (MY 2011), was fitted out by POGEA with

extra components to increase its performance. Besides LS7 fuel injectors, aggressive

camshafts and a direct, open intake with tip cone filter, the exhaust flow above all was tuned

to optimum level. Henceforth the 6.2-litre engine is free to howl its zest for life through 45-

millimetre diameter Edelbrock exhaust manifolds coupled with a stainless steel exhaust

system with only 2 silencers. At the same time as that V8 sound massages your eardrums,

the engine performance increases to an impressive 485 HP / 357 kW at 4400 rpm and 585

Nm at 6200 rpm. The engine power reaches the rear wheels via a manual 5-shift gearbox

with ceramic clutch and a Dana 44 differential.

With these modifications, the completely reconditioned Classic puts out excellent

performance: from 0 – 100 kms/h in a mere 3.9 seconds and with a top speed of 288 kms/h,

the two-seater is decidedly superior to the original basic model.

A generously-sized sports brake system taken from the Corvette LS5 provides contemporary

deceleration values. Perforated, internally ventilated brake discs , sized 330 mm (front) and

300 mm (rear) are actuated at the front by six-piston and at the rear by four-piston callipers.

The appropriately-styled 3-part POGEA RACING wheels, 9.5Jx18 at the front and 12Jx19 on

the rear axle, were specially developed for the increased demands of the souped-up

convertible. Bridgestone Potenza 265/40 R 18 and 305/30 R 19 tyres were selected as the

ideal combination.

A clever trick allows POGEA to house the enormous wheels in the rear wheel-wells:

widening them by doubling the original mudguards. As a result the rear end grows by a handsome 37 centimetres to 2.09 metres overall width and is equipped with 4 LED rear light

clusters to become a real eye-catcher. The complete paint job in the original Ferrari colours

Rosso and Bianco contributes to the effect.

Red and white also dominate the vehicle interior with its perfect look and feel. A combination

of carpeting and smooth leather turns the vehicle interior into a sophisticated control centre.

A Vallelunga steering wheel with flattened lower rim and seats out of the Cobra ensure more

legroom compared to the standard interior. Together with an Alpine multi-media system

including satnav, a retro-fitted AC unit and servo-steering, POGEA upgraded almost all of the

car’s electronics to prepare the Corvette for reliable use in everyday traffic.

Performance characteristics:


Length mm 4501

Width mm 2090

Height mm 1271

Wheelbase mm 2591


Unladen weight kg 1130

Power-to-weight ratio kg/HP 2.3


V8 cylinder, 6162 cm³, 485 HP / 357 kW at 4400 rpm, 585Nm at 6200 rpm


5-gear, manual

Optional automatic gearbox


Top speed kms/h 288

Acceleration 0-100 kms/h 3.9


Euro 225,000.-

(including VAT)

POGEA RACING GmbH is a company with a vocation as a workshop specialising in vehicle

enhancement. Besides chip tuning on a Dynojet all-wheel-drive test bench for all current

vehicle models and restoring Old timers as well, they are enthusiasts when it comes to

individual and offbeat vehicles. They are the creators of numerous unique specimens. In

particular POGEA RACING provides refinements to vehicle interiors, as well as optimising

performance and aerodynamics.

This upgraded ’59 Corvette has been created as a result of the combination of these skills

and by choosing the right partners for the venture. It is the symbiosis of American roots and

quality workmanship “Made in Germany”.

Further Information on POGEA RACING’s exclusive, sporty range of refinements can be

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