Opel Releases First Images Of Astra Copacabana Special Edition

For soccer fans the upcoming months are going to be super exciting as carmakers from across the globe will be launching special edition, football-dedicated models of their popular cars. Yesterday we saw MINI launching the MINI Paceman GoalCooper followed by Citroen’s C4 Cactus Arsenal edition model.

The next car aimed at all soccer fans in Europe is based on the popular Opel Astra. Dubbed Opel Astra Copacabana, the special edition model takes the sportiness of the standard Astra to a whole new level, thanks to the striking exterior paint scheme that is good enough to draw attention at all public showcases.

The outside of the Astra Copacabana special edition features flowing lines along the doors, palm trees and the Brazilian flag on the roof. Under the hood of the Astra Copacabana is a powerful 1.6 Turbo gasoline engine that puts out 200 horses or 147 kW. Being a hatchback, 200 hp of power is enough to catapult the special edition from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.9 seconds.

Opel Astra Copacabana

On the inside, the most interesting feature is the upholstery that is made from real grass taken from Maracanã Stadium. It was a really tough job to apply real grass to the interior but Opel’s interior designers did it successfully. Each of the Copacabanas comes with a certificate that confirms the grass is indeed authentic and sacred. The footwells have been filled with real Copacabana sand and customers will also get a lovely pair of flip-flops. Another cool addition to the cabin is a beverage vending machine.

The Astra Copacabana is available from April 1 for 24,444.44 euros at all the Opel dealers.

Opel Astra Copacabana Image Gallery