Nissan Unveils Dirt-Repelling. Self-Cleaning Car Prototype

Cars are supposed to take you to places where you want to go but while you are sitting behind the steering wheel cursing down the road, the exterior of the car is prone to a lot of dirt. On reaching back home all you would realize is that your car needs a thorough wash to remove all that dirt it collected during the journey.

Nissan has been proactively developing cool technologies that are aimed at making motoring safer and more environmentally friendly, but one of their latest technologies is more about keeping your vehicle as dirt-free as possible. You heard it right. Nissan has developed an innovative paint that repels everyday dirt, rain and mud. To try the new paint technology, the specially developed super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint was sprayed on the all new Nissan Note and the results were amazing. The test mule is being called the self-cleaning Note as it repels almost everything that tries to stick on the exterior.

This is not the first time when Nissan is offering a self-cleaning feature. The Note already equips ‘wash and blow dry’ function for the rear camera. The function makes use of compressed air and water and keeps the rear camera’s lens free of dust and dirt.

Nissan develops first ‘self-cleaning’ car prototype (15)

Called Ultra-Ever Dry, it is the first attempt of its kind from any car manufacturer in the world and Nissan is looking at it as a potential aftermarket application. The paint’s coat is applied to the vehicle which then becomes resistant to sleet, frost, standing water, spray and rain. The coating is currently being sold by UltraTech International Inc and has received a good response.

Nissan is so positive about the innovative paint technology that it will be testing the same on the new Note for the next couple of months. As for offering the paint as a standard feature, Nissan has no plans to do so and considers the coating technology as an aftermarket option supposed to be available in the near future.

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