Nikola Motor to introduce all-battery variations of Nikola Two and Tre fuel-cell heavy-duty vans

In a sequence of tweets on Friday, Nikola Motor, developer of professional quality hydrogen-electric vans, mentioned that it'll introduce all-battery variations of the Nikola Two and Nikola Tre fashions at Nikola World in April. (Earlier publish.) Nikola Tre. The battery-electric vans can be obtainable in 500 kWh, 750 kWh and 1,000 kWh configurations. The corporate is positioning the all-battery variations for brief haul, whereas the hydrogen gasoline cell variations are focused for lengthy haul. The Nikola One will, for the second, stay hydrogen solely, as it's focused for long-haul operations, being geared up with a sleeper cab. Nikola went on to emphasise that the hydrogen vans are 5,000 lbs lighter than the battery-electric vans, and cheaper for lengthy haul purposes even with present hydrogen prices. Nikola positions battery-electric for inside cities and non-weight-sensitive purposes. We'll see 50:1 extra hydrogen orders however [for] some purposes BEV works nice. —Nikola tweet As a comparability between the 2 powertrains, Nikola mentioned that: A battery-electric truck at 80,000 lbs makes use of ~ 2.25 kWh per mile in actual climate and regular hills on routes. A 1 MWh configuration (1,000 kWh) will assist a variety of about 400 miles, with 90% of the battery being usable. In chilly climate, that can drop to 300 miles. A 1MWh pack will used 69,000 21700 cells. The gasoline cell model of the 80,000lb truck requires the identical 2.25 kWh/mile because the battery model, and can get round 7-10 miles per kg H2. The burden of the gasoline cell system is about three,000 - 5,000 lbs lower than that of the battery system. ICE is enemy, not hydrogen or BEV. —Nikola tweet