Lotus Elise S Cup R Race Car To Debut At Autosport Show 2014

If you are a motorsport fan you must be familiar with Lotus Racing. The Lotus Racing offers a range of products meant for all levels of experience, talent and budget and it is one of the reasons of its popularity. The Lotus Driving Academy offers both 1-day driving experience and comprehensive driving training, as well as weekend race events for Lotus owners. Lotus owners can also take part in the global Lotus Cup and take part in the top-of-the-line GT and endurance series with the Evora GT4. Taking its racing series a step ahead, this year at the Autosport show, Lotus is going to debut the Elise S Cup R car. The car is an evolved version of the standard Elise S and features plenty of track-oriented goodies. The car features a mid-mounted, transverse 1.8-liter engine, bespoke livery and aerodynamic body kit. Special mapping has been done for the Elise S Cup R’s engine control module (ECM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) ensuring plenty of response all throughout the rev range. Exterior highlights include revised front splitter, barge boards, winglets, rear diffuser, floor extensions and rear wing. Rupert Manwaring, Head of Lotus Motorsport commented, “Developing the Elise S Cup R was a natural step following the success of the Exige V6 Cup and Cup R; with so many new markets becoming interested in motorsport, the Elise S Cup R gives us the perfect entry level track-car. Whether the focus is racing or simply developing your driving skills on a race circuit and having fun, the incredible handling and ease of use with low running costs make the Elise S Cup R an intelligent choice” Lotus Elise S Cup R at 2014 Autosport Show For drivers taking the next step towards sharpening their skills is the critically acclaimed Exige V6 Cup and the race-only Exige V6 Cup R. Both the cars arrive equipped with bespoke exterior liveries and interior trim, FIA approved fire suppression system, Internal & external battery isolator switches, Pirelli Corsa tires, 4-mode DPM, 2-piece brake discs, exhaust bypass switch, multi-adjustable suspension, 4 point harness seats, removable quick-release steering wheel, a Lotus Racing specific chassis number and more. Dominating the race car lineup is the Evora GT4 which is powered by a naturally-aspirated V6 engine that puts out a nice 355hp @ 6500 rpm and 328 ft. lbs. of torque @ 5500 rpm. The power is transferred to the rear wheels through a 6-speed sequential gear box featuring paddle shifters. The Evora GT4 has an FIA approved design and safety features and can be conveniently modified according to different endurance events. The car currently holds the Austrian GT4 title and will compete in the upcoming 2014 European GT4, British GT4 and the Dubai 24 hours events.