Land Rover’s new Defender research EV set to unveil at Geneva Motor Show 2013

Land Rover will bring British advanced engineering technology by unveiling seven new All-Terrain Electric Defender research vehicles at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show starting from March 5th, 2013. The best off-road capabilities with zero-emission, is a result of an innovative research implemented in the new Electric Defender models.

Here the new electric 110 Defender model, is equipped with a electric system consists of an electric motor combined with a 300-volt lithium-ion battery which capable of delivering a driving range of more than 50 miles. In the system, the electric motor is capable of generating an output of 94 horsepower[70 kilo-Watts] and a top torque of 330 Newton-meter, while the battery has a capacity of 27 kilowatt-hour which can be full-charged by a fast charger of 7kW in 4 hours or with a portable charger of 3kW in 10 hours.

Keeping the Defernder‘s All-Wheel Drive System and differential lock, the Electric Defenders are now have revised Land Rover’s Terrain Response System and a single speed transmission capable of giving maximum torque as soon as it starts. Tested on various conditions and surfaces to deliver best capabilities of All-Terrain. Also tested for the pulling power of 12-tonne ‘road train’ up a 13 percent gradient and wading to a depth of 800-mm.

The powertrain system which includes Electric Motor, Battery and Inverter are air-cooled instead of liquid-cooled system and is equipped with Regenerative braking system which is engineered to use Hill Descent Control to produce to add 30 kilo-Watt of electricity. The battery technology due to its fast charging capability can be charged at the rate of 54 kilo-Watts without consuming the battery and all the regenerated energy can be restored and retained.

As per the company there are no production model plans for these new Electric Vehicle, while the seven All-Terrain Electric Defenders will be tested by specialist in the real world scenario later in 2013.

Land Rover All-Terrain Electric Defender Research Vehicle

Photos of Land Rover All-Terrain Electric Defender Research Vehicles

Auto News Release Source : Land Rover