Knowing the traffic sense can save you from disasters – a video from Russia

Sometimes things really going as per you and sometimes not. But when its comes to ride in snow icy condition, its really matter that how carefully you are driving by keeping your eyes and ears open ,to make avoid accidents and save yourself from the bad situation. On the following video from Russia, at the first instance, the driver has definitely saved himself and the vehicle which was coming from front but on the second instance the vehicle which was coming from back, was not able to judge the toeing vehicle was stopped in the snow surface road and thus collided with it from the back side. Such small precise decision with controlling level of your vehicle speed, save you from the big disasters. Here all are lucky that they all are escaped without any big injury, so the message is here to save yourself from extreme road conditions by judging the driving sense of the traffic as per the location, situation and condition. [vsw id="7D-pXJIWC5Y" source="youtube" width="900" height="520" autoplay="no"]