Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, Utility, All-Wheel Drive being a favorite among US Police Officials

Ford has come up with some good news for police also, as this is presenting the high performance Sedan EcoBoost with some of the best utilities they can provide to the administration officers. This car has some of the best features which are capable to meet the high demands of administration and also make their work easier and better. This car is enough intelligent and equipped with all-wheels drive facility claims to be the fastest both in 0-100 mph acceleration testing and average lap times at Fontana raceway in California.

The Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor has a high vehicle value accelerates faster than all base V6 sedan rivals as it has underwent in 0-100 mph testing and average lap times and won the test. And due  to this reason Police interceptor Sedan has been the first choice of the government officials of U.S. and due to the utility o these vehicles the Ford Police sales has gone up to 60 percent more.

The performance of the Police Interceptor Sedan has been segregated into two major parts and the company has differentiated their specifications in two kinds. One of them is the most intelligent all wheels drive system which is being a favorite for all the police officials of US. The company has also appraised the feature of LASD has been witnessed as one of the most sought out feature looked by the Michigan State Police.

The LASD testing shows the testing value a 0-100 mph time of 14.2 seconds, compared to 15.2 seconds for the 5.7-liter Hemi-equipped Dodge Charger with the voluntary all-wheel drive, and 14.4 seconds for the Chevrolet Caprice with 6.0-liter V8. This car is gaining popularity and the also getting noticed for balancing law enforcement to save more money.

This car is capable to meet the needs of the police officials in urgency and with some of the features that are efficient and powerful l enough to meet the desired needs this car has went to a higher scale of sales. According to the sources from Ford it has found that this car has enough optimized handling and power to suit all kinds of driving situations.