Ford Focus ST at SEMA Show 2012

The theme-based customization on 2013 Ford Focus ST with 2.0 Litre EcoBoost Engine and 6-Speed Manual Transmission, customized by five different Auto-sports - the M&J Enterprises, the Steeda Auto-Sports, the Bojix Design, the Tanner Foust Racing and the Galpin Auto-Sports are showcased in the SEMA Show 2012, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada[United States] from October 30th to November 2nd 2012. The 2013 Ford Focus ST customization from M&J Enterprises with a joint venture with Ford, Cosworth LLC and Ford Racing, increases 30% Engine's power, to generate a horsepower of 330 and increases 20% of the torque, and to give smooth ride on such high horsepower, respectively the Focus ST suspension, tires and alloy wheels has been nicely modified with the beauty of design in Tangerine Scream finish. In the other customization of 2013 Ford Focus ST from Steeda Auto-sports  which is more dedicated to the performance side of European inspired model. Steeda has improved the performance, looks and handling by introducing the Brembo brakes, modifying the G-Trac suspension, 19 inch alloy wheel with nice tire package. The third customization from Auto-Sports team of Bojix Design, a make-over of European inspired Focus ST to American style, has done great job on the style by providing a sleek and attractive looks with eye-catching orange paint, big brakes and coil overs for good grip on any surface. The fourth customization from the auto-sports team of Tanner Foust Racing, on 2013 Focus ST, has evolved a better performance model by increasing the air intake, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, adding power using signature MagnaFlow Exhaust with customized body kit. The fifth customized model by Galpin Auto Sports Team, is unveiling a species of Rally Car by customizing 2013 Focus ST, by using rally body kits, attractive paint, big brakes, modified interior with great finish, methanol injection and coil over springs, the Galpin Team has done a great work.   [gallery order="DESC" orderby="post_date"] Photos Credit :