Ford Everest Concept SUV At Bangkok International Auto Show

The mid-size SUV segment has shown an increase in demand in the recent times and this seems to have pushed global manufacturers to develop even better products. Ford, one of the leaders in the SUV segment, has been working on a new 7 seater concept designed for ASEAN and global markets which was revealed in Sydney back in 2013.

Dubbed Ford Everest, the concept has recently been showcased at the Bangkok International Auto Show and if we have to describe the looks of the concept in one word, we would say ‘excellent’. The main reason that led to the creation of Ford Everest Concept is the utility segment’s rapid growth in the year 2013 – 13 percent to the precise. In the same year, Ford recorded a 35 percent increase in sales, thus motivating the brand to do even better.

The Everest concept looks sleek and refined, and has all the characteristics of a Ford. At the front is an inverted trapezoid grille sitting high enough complemented by nicely swept back headlamps that look contemporary. Together these two emphasize the new Ford face of the Everest and deliver a distinct, sporty feel to the vehicle.

Ford Everest Concept (3)

Moving on to the sides, the body of the Everest is quite sleek, giving the concept a modern appearance. Last but not the least, the rear of the Everest is just as contemporary as the front and sides are. It features a robust and sculptural look, thanks to the chiseled taillamps and a flat, square liftgate.

The paint work is just as important as other characteristic features are and Ford knows this. To enhance the appeal of the Everest, Ford has used an exclusive ‘Sunset Flare’ paint that has a red base with a touch of orange.

The concept was designed in Australia by Ford’s regional design and product development team. Expectedly, the Everest Concept will hit the product line in the near future and will join the recently-introduced Ford EcoSport in the ASEAN region.

Ford Everest Concept Image Gallery