Ford Edge Concept Crossover Makes European Debut In Barcelona

To move along with the very stylish continent of Europe the Ford made its debut here with the new Edge that introduced in Barcelona in Spain presenting as an emblem of sophistication and technology. Ford Edge which has already applauded in the U.S market will be upgrading to its new collection with new SUVs along with the new Kuga which is a mid-sized SUV and new EcoSport which is a small SUV will be launching altogether.

Edge will be counted among the 25 new vehicles that Ford will launch in Europe in the next five years, and this was announced at Ford’s special “Go Further” -which was grandeur occasion in Barcelona and between the swarm of 2,500 journalists, employees and dealers.

This car claims to be one of the finest examples of technology which will upgrade your lifestyle. It has a concept of automated driving technologies such as self-parking and obstacle avoidance, but these are in still under development but will soon be added in the forthcoming cars. Among the various other concepts it also showed the technique of push button and remote operated parking that will allow customers to use the facility from inside or outside of the car.

Ford Edge Concept Crossover Europe Preview (2)

Ford Edge has more intelligence in terms if driver assisting technologies and semi-automated qualities that is actually intimation of upcoming technologies in Future cars from this company. These qualities will provide a safer platform to the person on the driving seat.The electric power car steering is highly adaptive according to the condition of the road and the location and capable of increasing or decreasing speed as well as controlling the wheels according to the driver’s need.

The EcoBoost engine claims for more fuel efficiency with a start-stop feature, Active Grille Shutters mechanically open and close technology to boost aerodynamic efficiency and to preserve ultimate engine operating temperature.

The looks of the Ford Edge is more masculine and pretends to be a tough and smart runner. The car is lavishly sculpted with copper interiors which are done with a 10 inch display and the best quality Voice Control and Touchscreen. The LED lights are used wisely on both head lamps and the tail lamps and it also has individual LED lights to bling the very beautiful yet shiny crystal cubes on high stream of light.

2014 Ford Edge Concept Image Gallery

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