Ferrari 458 Spider Concept Monaco Edition by Mansory Design

Performance :
Ferrari 458 Mansory Design Spider-Monaco Edition Sports car has optimized the engine that generates a 590 horsepower which is capable of producing a torque of 413 lb/ft and a 570 horsepower which is capable of producing a torque of 398 lb/ft.

Ferrari 458 spider Monaco Edition Mansory

These up-gradation in Ferrari 458 gives a unbeatable improved acceleration to take a speed of 205 miles/hour that can cover a distance of 0 to 62 miles/hour in just a 3.2 seconds(Original speed was 198 miles/hour & takes 3.4 seconds for 0-60 miles/hour).


Monaco Edition Spider has been modified by using Carbon Fiber Elements that optimized its overall weight by reducing 60 kg(in comparison with Original Ferrari 458 Spider)

Checkout the close Video of Ferrari 458 Spider Concept Monaco Edition by Mansory Design.

The modified 2 seater sports drive has now 4 new sports shock absorbers & a new sports exhaust system with sports air filter system that helps in improved its acceleration.



Interior :
By categorizing it under sports breed with the luxury of comfortableness are all luxury marking of Ferrari 458 Monaco Edition Spider by Mansory Design.

Ferrari 468 Spider Siracusa

The Spider is modified with aluminum pedals and new modified designed sports steering wheel loaded with full size airbag is all part of luxury in Spider Mansory Design.
The hand made stitching of the leather work in the interior is simply best in durability with the comfortableness of extra cushion on it.


Exterior :

Ferrari 458 Monaco Edition Spider has shown best aerodynamic design in smooth surface quality & bodywork modification by replacing body elements with ultra light & high strength elements of carbon fiber to its side skirts, hood, rear diffuser & splitter to reduce its weight by 60 kg.


The unmatched stylish aggressive front look is enhanced with the features like increased ventilation of the radiator.
The Ferrari is modified from the rear by using diffuser which assists in giving best balance control of the car in high speed.
The Spider has extra grip PS2 tires from Michelin with black rim wheel design are of sizes 21 inch in rear and 20 inch in front.

The Mansory Design of Monaco Edition has available in just 3 cars of the Ferrari 458 Spider.