EasyJet plans to fly electrical passenger jets by 2027

British airline easyJet is making progress on its plan to fly electrical passenger jets on a few of its routes by 2027. Its accomplice, US startup Wright Electrical, has efficiently flown a two-seater electrical plane, and is now shifting to the following stage of engine growth. Wright is now engaged on an electrical engine for a nine-seater aircraft that's scheduled to fly subsequent yr, and has filed a patent for a motor for use in a bigger, easyJet-size plane. EasyJet is focusing on a 10% minimize in carbon emissions by 2022 by utilizing extra fuel-efficient jets, and hopes to have electrical planes flying on routes of about 500 kilometers inside the decade. “Electrical flying is turning into a actuality, and we are able to now foresee a future that's not completely depending on jet gasoline,” easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren stated.      Supply: CNBC