Detroit Electric pulled the wraps off SP: 01, a limited-edition pure-electric Sports Car

Heralded as the world's fastest pure electric production sports car by Detroit Electric, SP:01 is a lotus based all-electric sports car claiming enough power to sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds. The company says it took five years to develop this dynamic electric coupe. Let’s have a sneak peak of this new electric sports car loosely based on combined features of Tesla Roadster and Lotus Elise. According to Detroit Electric, SP:01 is a limited edition two-seat car that features four speed manual gear box and promises an impressive top speed of 155 mph. It also proffers multiple transmission options with an available four-speed manual transmission, an optional five-speed, or a two-speed automatic transmission, which is especially developed for hybrid vehicles. The car weighs only 2,358 pounds as Carbon Fibre has been utilized to keep its weight down and give it a striking and strong body work similar to that utilized in Formula 1 vehicle chassis. Power steering is not fitted as company says it is not required, but car comes with Brembo single piston sliding callipers in the rear and AP racing twin-piston callipers on the front to control the speed of the car. The power source for the SP.01 is a pair of 37 kWh lithium-polymer battery packs, which takes 4.3 hours for a full charge and offers the car an operating range of almost 190 miles between recharges (tested to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standard). Its rigorously tested battery has been successfully deployed in other highly demanding applications. Acting as mobile charging unit named as 360 Power back, SP:01’’s bi-directional charge and discharge feature allows users to utilize its stored battery energy to power an entire home if there’s failure in the grid. The SP: 01 is interfaced with Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment system (SAMI) to manage the truly innovative in-car infotainment. SAMI adorns car infotainment with an array of functions, including music player, satellite navigation, interior lighting adjust and vehicle systems status. It can also be used to make mobile calls, to know the charged level of the battery, to control the air conditioning system and can also act as a remote control unit (via GSM) allowing the users to locate the vehicle. Each SP:01 will come with standard warranty covering the car for three years or 30,000 miles and an optional battery warranty covering the battery pack for two years or 20,000 miles. Proffering a new dynamic choice to the potential electric-market customers, the SP:01 will come with hefty price starting at $135,000 USD, which will vary as per local taxes, specifications and optional extras. It will hit the production lines in August this year with a limited run of 999 vehicles to be produced at the new Detroit Electric production site in Wayne Country, Michigan.

Technical Specification of Detroit Electric SP:01

Overall length 3880mm
Overall width 1751mm
Height 1117mm
Wheelbase 2300mm
Weight 1070kg
Type AC Asynchronous
Max power 150 kW
Max torque 225 Nm
Specific output kw/kg 3
Bi-directional capability V2G, V2H, V2V
0-100 km/h 3.7 secs
Top speed 155mph, 249km/h
Energy consumption
EUDC 0.12 kW/km
FTP 0.11 kW/km
HAIZAM 0.15 kW/km
Range (calculated figures)
EUDC 288 km, 180 miles
FTP 300 km, 188 miles
HAIZAM 222 km, 139 miles
Emissions Zero
Option 1 4 speed
Option 2 Optional 5th gear
Option 3 2 speed auto
Invertor IGBT
Charger 18 kW max (car limited to 7.7 kW)
DC/DC convertor 100 A @ 13.5 V
Front/rear Fully independent double wishbone
Dampers High performance gas dampers, front and rear
Coil spring Coaxial, front and rear
Front AP Racing twin-piston front calipers
Rear Brembo single-piston sliding rear-calipers
Regenerative braking User adjustable
Energy capacity 37 kWh
Thermal management Conditioned air
Cell type Lithium Polymer
Battery mgmt. system Passive, Master/Slave topology
Charge time 4.3 hours @max charge rate
10.7 hours using EU standard outlet
Front 195/50 R16
Rear 225/45 R17
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