Dartz in Monaco with Jo-Mojo electric roadster concept car

Dartz Jo-Mojo Think of the name Dartz and, if you're up on your whale foreskin-upholstered SUVs, you'll invariably arrive at the Prombron. But while glad to furnish Eastern European mobsters with the machine that makes the Hummer look like a beauty queen, Dartz is keen to break out of the Prombron's mold with sleeker offerings. That's what led to the design of the chopped-down Nagel sedan and, more recently, to the Mojo roadster. Now Dartz has followed up with another design it calls the Jo-MoJo. As promised, the Jo-Mojo is an electric roadster. Designed, like other Dartz concepts, by Eduard Gray, the Jo-Mojo packs an 80-horsepower electric motor that can be recharged (over who knows how long a timeframe) by a retractable solar panel that encloses the cockpit when parked and acts as the only roof to speak of. For some inexplicable reason, even though the occupants are exposed to the elements in the open-air cabin, Dartz has also bothered to make the vehicle's body partially bulletproof. Thus, anyone riding shotgun might survive an attack from a rival syndicate, though anyone tall enough to see over the nonexistent windshield likely wouldn't. Dartz says the roadster is slated to debut at the Top Marques show in Monaco – where else? – but if Monte Carlo isn't on your itinerary, you can check out the video clip and press release after the jump, along with the renderings in the high-res image gallery.
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DARTZ JO-MOJO DARTZ is proud to present the Jo-MOJO - an electric version of their bulletproof Roadster, redesigned in their second collaboration with Eduard Gray of Gray Design. Bullet Proof Following the robust tradition of armored vehicles from Dartz, this lightly armored road rocket takes armored transport to a new level. This open topped roadster, based on a pseudo-KAPSULA technology platform of it's bigger brothers, has the presence and attitude to start a fight with even it's most notorious rivals. Patented bullet wheels, chameleon paint job and custom seating ensure this pint sized mischief maker will be as individual as it's owner. Fun and Sun The Jo-Mojo has been designed for the streets of the Cote d'Azur and comes armed with a personality that will light up any party. The compact format, low center of gravity and wide front wheel placement give the car fantastic handling characteristics and ensure a smooth ride around the twist and turns of the Blue Coast and the maneuverability to make sure you're never late for a party. Solar Batteries A hidden bonus on the Jo-Mojo is the retractable cover that incorporates a flexible solar cells created by former Soviet space manufacturers, Sidrabe. The cover locks the car and charges it up while it stands in the Mediterranean sun and comes with the option of adding extra batteries in the event of a longer excursion through the Provencal mountains. Engine: Electric HP: 80 Torque: 90 lb-ft 0-62 MPH: 9.5 sec Top Speed: 125 Mph