Citroën unleashes DS Wild Rubis SUV Concept ahead its debut at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

Sublimating the genes of DS line, Citroën’s DS Wild Rubis concept reveals the possible future styling direction for SUV model of Citroen’s DS sub-brand, the quasi-premium offshoot of Citroen’s premium range.

Featuring LEd headlights with ‘scrolling’ indicators like an Audi R8, height similar to Mercedes ML-class-sized and taillights inspired by Citroen’s Numero 9 concept car, it will not be an exaggeration to call ‘Wild Rubis Concept’ as one of the best expressions of inspiration. Moreover, it could even challenge some of the premium car brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Driven by the full-hybrid, plug-in technology, DS Wild Rubis Concept’ impeccably combines DS formal language with the powerful proportions of SUVs. It was earlier predicted that the Citroën DS Wild Rubis concept will be a production-ready extension of the Numero 9 sports-wagon concept previewed at the Beijing show almost a year ago. It takes many designing elements from Numero 9 sports-wagon concept, but it is much taller and off-road oriented.

The Wild Rubis is adorned with generous dimensions measuring 4.7m in length, 1.95m in width and 1.59m in height featuring Mercedes ML-class-sized footprint, but is lower than a conventional posh-roader. Riding on aerodynamically-styled flashy 21inch wheels, it has an exceptionally long wheelbase of 2.9 meters framed by wheel-arches featuring the typical black plastic protection to give it slender appearance.

Citroën DS Wild Rubis Concept 01

No specific details have been yet revealed on the SUV concept’s power train, but it is estimated that DS Wild Rubis will share the Numero 9′s powertrain: a 220 horsepower 1.6 Litre petrol engine, twinned with a 70bhp electric motor for driving the front and rear wheels respectively, which is good for a 30-mile zero-emission range. It takes three and a half hours to fully charge its batteries from a domestic socket.

Although no interior pictures have been revealed yet but it boasts of very spacious feature-rich and versatile cabin along with an array of premium materials.

Citroën DS Wild Rubis Concept 10

It has also been adorned by distinctive traits of the DS line including 3D-effect front grille bestowed with the prominent DS emblem, a bold chrome border and hypnotic claw-shaped LED signatures. DS Wild Rubis showcases smart Ruby Red paint job by adorning the chrome on the grille, side chrome ‘signature’, the rear lights encased in chrome and broad twin tailpipes are bridged by a classy chrome bar. All these characteristics appear to be jewel around the ruby red bodywork.

DS Wild Rubis will make debut at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show commencing on April 20 exactly a year after Citroën unveiled the Numero 9 luxury saloon concept. However, it is being targeted at affluent buyers in China as it already has an impressive foothold in China market and expects a great potential in future.

Citroën DS Wild Rubis Concept 09

Photos of Citroën’s DS Wild Rubis concept

Auto News Release Source : Citroën