Callaway Introduces Camaro Z/28 With 662 HP: More Details Inside

Callaway Cars is one of the leading international engine design companies known for its ultra cool modified models based on Chevrolet cars. Apart from creating high performance road cars, Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Inc. is also known for world class race cars that are acclaimed internationally.

A while ago Chevrolet launched the 2014 Camaro Z/28 which, technically, is a beast in terms of performance. Now, Callaway has introduced a modified version of the car called 2014 Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652 which is even more powerful. The Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652 will be a limited edition model featuring a number of technical enhancements on top of the features that the Z/28 comes with as standard.

Powering the Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652 is a 7.0 liter supercharged engine which produces 652 hp at 6700 rpm and peak torque of 620 lb-ft at 4400 rpm. This is a significant improvement over the standard Z/28 which produces 505 hp and 481 lb-ft. The Callaway version of the car takes 3.7 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60 mph.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (21)

This impressive jump in the power and torque figures have been achieved by using a range of performance-oriented components such as an Eaton TVS supercharger, a low-restriction exhaust system, a high-flow intake system and more. A number of appearance components have also been added to give the car a distinctive look.

As standard, the Callaway Z/28 equips all the features available on the Chevy version of the car. It comes with a hand-built 427 cid engine featuring dry sump oiling, wide Pirelli tires, an aerodynamics package, ultra light weight body, spool-valve dampers, Brembo carbon-ceramic brake system and more.

Callaway plans to produce only 10 such examples and has priced the Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652 Package at $19,995.

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